"To see or not to see" .... My guest: Dorothy Holder from Energy Thereapies #Clairvoyance #Tarot

I'm having a break today from Tuesday Tales, because today's prompt is a picture of a "Winter Wonderland", and I wasn't able to add that to my story. And quite honestly, I didn't want to start another story either.

So I asked Dorothy Holder from Energy Therapies whether she wanted to be my guest today. Lucky me, she said yes.

Dorothy is a clairvoyant energy therapist, specializing in aura diagnosis and hypnotherapy. I've asked for her advice a couple of times in recent years and found her honest and good at what she's doing.
She's got a lot of humour as well :-)

You can find her on, Youtube or Google+

1 – There are clairvoyance, tarots, and aura readings. What’s the difference and is one reading better for some people than the other?
I would say that aura reading and clairvoyance are clear winners for precision information specific to the person asking the question, a good tarot reader can offer up some awesome insights using the cards alone but the best tarot readers employ clairvoyance.
Tarot are situational and less able to provide why as part of their exploration of a situation, with an aura reading you can usually see why a person is like they are or responding in a particular way. This means you can advise according to their life and experiences as well as their ability and even their style of speaking so they can understand what they can do to change their circumstances.
Clairvoyance is really used today as an all-encompassing word to describe any of the esoteric arts. In reality it is the art of seeing, just like a silent movie or a number of images strung together you need other skills to make them work well, if you pair aura understandings and clairvoyance you will be very precise indeed. Seeing a movie doesn’t give you intel on what a specific person (sometimes the other person) needs to know or what you need to know to turn a difficult situation or relationship
around. Clairvoyance is also the go to skill for looking forward in time.

2 – When people ask you for help, what should they expect?
I don’t have a light touch, but I personally feel I am respecting you if I tell you the truth based on the information I receive. Because I do read aura a certain amount of that information will be coming from how your energy is working when you ask the question and how it responds when you hear the answer. All questions email or otherwise have an energy around them that gives you a forward motion of both belief and behaviour.

3 – Not all “futures” are good. How do you deal with being the messenger of ‘bad news’?
Quite bluntly as a rule. I try to soften the way I impart it if that is possible. In a single question free reading often all you can do is just tell it like it is. At the end of the day if a person is deluding themselves they will get themselves into a world of pain and will have trouble finding their way out of it. I always offer solution based therapies, this means there is something that can be done. Let go, encouraged or changed to help someone move through difficulty as quickly as possible. When a person is in dire straight the fastest way through is direct, deal with what you need to do and then start working on recovery. Hoping the axe won’t fall and having a reader too insecure to keep things real serves no one and least of all the person concerned, I have a basic premise that everyone truly knows where they are at, and inside themselves know how things are going to turn out. The rest is denial, procrastination or just plain wishful thinking, I like to think everyone is intelligent and just needs to feel they CAN do what is needed, that they CAN trust themselves and don’t need to keep punishing themselves for past mistakes.

4 – There are a lot of ‘spam’ psychics out there. How can people tell a real psychic from a fake one?
Firstly a real psychic doesn’t need your birthdate, numerologists and astrologers do and that is about it. Ask your primary question clearly and without giving too much information, but do ask it if you want clear answers that make it obvious whether this psychic is getting real information or not. Ask for specifics, a confident practitioner will tell you if they are not getting something but leave them room to get more information than what you asked for. For example you can ask about a love before xmas, but if not do you see anything else in the area of love. I always answer what I am asked in quickie situations having had criticism for answering with what I see.. a point I learned well. I am often asked something along the line of will blah blah and me get together and if so will we get married. The second question is taken out by the first. Give your reader plenty of room to move without giving too much away but if you get some solid on point information, then encourage them to go deeper and be more specific. If you get a no don’t waste your time or the psychics by asking why, it is inevitable that the answer won’t be palatable. If you have continued issues in an area then ask what you can do to improve things in the future. That is what I call getting value.

5 – Is there a difference about “seeing” the future and “predicting”, ie the difference between “Will I be successful” to “What is going to happen to me tomorrow”?
Will I be happy, successful , rich are all dead end questions as I see them. As is will I win the lottery. If you had a dream then ask about the dream and get some good info. For everyone the idea of being unhappy for the rest of your life is one that would send you to a suicide note, however no one is unhappy or unsuccessful all the time. We all have moments of joy, being flush with money etc, for many they blithely go through these times without a thought and when the resources or circumstance proves they should have had a buffer bank account, they find they slump into the I never and I don’t mentality. There is no value in relationship prognosis at the beginning of a relationship although at the first date stage it will be clear if it isn’t going ahead or not. Someone who wants a relationship regardless will never listen to any advice to the contrary and will play it out, I don’t see the point in it as a reader so am happy to just answer the yes or nos and wait for them to come back, there is more money to be made by saying a relationship has a future than there is by saying it isn’t. I am happy to let the money go in order to share the truth. Mostly the person really does know how it went and is just looking for something to buzz on. If a person is starting a business, buying a house, selling or any other long term and real goal, there is a lot of merit in getting a heads up and being given clear information about any possible hazards and ways to deal with them.

6 – Tell us about your new book “The Moody Foody”.
Oooh this is a recipe book and really is a response to my hypnotherapy programs, one of which is The Weighting Game, aimed at those who have spent years trying to lose weight and exposing themselves to up and down diets or fad weight loss as and when needed. Ultimately health issues arise or they just get fed up with the merry go round. The program is 3 months of dealing with a lot of stuff not the least all the false beliefs built up by weight loss management and dietary programs and very often trauma during childhood or parental teachings. A big part of this program is educating about how sneak foods end up in our diets and of course I push to move away from a restrictive attitude to food, success and failure models have an 80% recidivist rate, it is well known and yet people still keep putting themselves through the mill. From this program I have been asked repeatedly about what foods or how to prepare foods which invariably led to me sharing recipes and secrets of good eating. As my mum had been a serial dieter all my life until she died I had some clear guidelines of what is more damaging than helpful add to that some years as a professional cook and it just made sense to put something together that is yummy easy to prepare food, with illness and ailments. Just a nudge in the right direction without any thought of diet or extreme regimens.

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