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I'm back with Ethan's story. A quick re-cap: Addison's house was broken in, Ethan worries about here being on her own over night and grabs his swag and stays overnight.
Today's prompt is BLOOM. 

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Ethan grabbed filled a glass of water and returned back into Addison’s bedroom. Gently, he lifted her head. “Sweetheart, I need you to have a couple of sips of the water. You have to stay hydrated,” he whispered.
He pressed the glass to her lips and she slowly drank a few sips.

“Thanks,” she croaked.
And even though he assumed the water to be a relief to her parched mouth, he asked, “Feeling better?”

She gave a slow nod. “Getting there.” Her hand moved over her face and Ethan noticed the tears. “I’m so sorry. I can’t believe—”
But she wasn’t able to finish her sentence when the phone started to ring. He had a feeling he knew what she wanted to say, anyway.

“I’d like to answer that call in case it’s Matt from the police?”
She nodded and he laid her head back down on the pillow before following the sound of the loud ringing.

When he finally located the phone where he’d left it only minutes earlier in the kitchen, he answered, “Hello. Addison’s residence.”
There was a moment’s pause, when a female voice asked, “Can I talk to Addy.”

“My apology, she currently unavailable. Can I leave a message for her?”
“It’s her mother here.”

Ethan’s knees nearly buckled underneath him. How was he going to tell her parents what had happened? How much could he assume they knew already? Closing his eyes, he pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, remembering the picture of finding a dead possum in the backyard amidst a bed of blooming flowers.
“Mrs Ryker?”

“Yes? And who am I talking to?”
“Apologies. My name is Ethan Tomlinson. Addison is my son’s teacher.” Then he took a deep breath and told Addison’s mother what had happened the previous twenty-four hours.

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Snippet Sunday - FRESH BEGINNINGS 26/07/2015 #romance #amreading #Route66

We continue with Fresh Beginnings, Jared's story as he travels through five states
 in the US in a Motorhome. I used our itinerary from our US travels two years ago
 and wrote a romance story around in.
Jared has just arrived in the US.


"G'day!" He stared at her and for some reason something tugged at his heart. Not that he wanted that. He had no room for women, let alone American ones. They all were on earth to make life complicated. Mark was constantly running around for Sophie or Hope, even though Mark's wife was one in a million and little Hope was simply adorable, especially when she was asleep.

"Ya know it's dangerous to hitch a ride," he finally said when she was still quiet.

She stared at him for a moment, but then replied with the typical American twang in her voice. "I know you said something, but I have no idea what."

He chuckled. "It is dangerous to hitchhike," he repeated with exaggerated pronunciation.

The woman stepped a bit closer to the window. "Are you from Austria?"

He laughed aloud.

"Australia, I meant," she added, seemingly embarrassed by the mistake.



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May I introduce: Helen Pollard "Holding Back" @helenpollard147

Holding Back

by Helen Pollard

The last thing they're looking for is love …
Laura Matheson is a natural at avoiding romance, so when she is drawn to mystery guest Daniel Stone while helping out at her friends' hotel in Portugal, she assumes all she needs is a little extra willpower.
Daniel is at the hotel on business. The demands of work and a manipulative ex-girlfriend mean he doesn't have the time or energy for romance, but Laura is a distraction he finds hard to ignore.
As they negotiate a minefield of misunderstandings and mutual attraction, will they both continue to hold back? Or will they finally allow love into their lives?
Buy Links:
About the Author:
Helen Pollard writes contemporary romance with old-fashioned heart. She believes there will always be a place for romantic fiction, no matter how fast-paced and cynical the world becomes. Readers still want that feel-good factor – to escape from their own world for a while and see how a budding romance can blossom and overcome adversity to develop into love … and we all need a little love, right?
A Yorkshire lass, Helen is married, with two teenagers and a psychotic cat. When she's not working or writing, it goes without saying that she loves to read. She also enjoys a good coffee in a quiet bookshop, and appreciates the company of family and close friends.
Find Helen at:
Website & Blog:  http://helenpollardwrites.wordpress.com    
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/pages/Helen-Pollard/372986142839624
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/helenpollard147
Tsu:  http://tsu.co/HelenPollard
Goodreads:  http://goodreads.com/author/show/8647878.Helen_Pollard
Amazon:  http://amazon.com/author/helenpollard
Excerpt from Chapter One:
"Excuse me. You've picked up the wrong bag."
Deep and decisive, the voice startled Laura from behind as she loaded her luggage onto her hard-won airport trolley.
"No, I don't think so." She swung round to confront the voice's owner. Unnerved to find him towering over her, she took a step back, stumbling over her trolley in the process.
With lightning speed, he reached out to catch her arm, his grip strong as he helped her regain her balance. When she was upright again, she took in piercing blue eyes, thick dark brown hair, a hint of stubble on a tanned face—and felt an immediate jolt of attraction.
Laura ignored it. "I can manage, thank you," she snapped, thinking she wouldn't have tripped if he hadn't surprised her like that.
He released his hold and raised an eyebrow. "As I said, you have my bag."
Pushing away long strands of chestnut-brown hair that had dared escape their ponytail, Laura returned his gaze.
"No, this is definitely mine." She was hot, harassed, and late. The last thing she needed was a futile argument over her own luggage!
"Would you mind if I check?"
"Help yourself." Unable to disguise her impatience, Laura waved at it, adding, "But I am in a hurry." She winced at the hostile tone in her voice, but she really didn't have time for this. Tapping her foot in irritation, she waited to be proved right as he crouched over her trolley.
"Would you care to look?" he asked.
Laura's foot stopped tapping. Recognising undisguised triumph on his face, she read the label over his shoulder with trepidation, but there it was in black and white—Daniel Stone, London Gatwick to Porto. The heat that rose in her cheeks seemed to burn right through her skin.
"But it's the same as mine!" she blustered, watching with embarrassment as he hoisted the heavy bag from the trolley with ease.
"It's hardly a unique design," he commented, shrugging broad shoulders. "If you weren't in such a tearing hurry, you might have spotted your own on the carousel."
Laura spun around to see her bag riding forlornly around with the few that were left. Mortified, she opened her mouth to apologise.
But he spoke first. "Personally, I would advocate that old saying 'More haste, less speed.'" His tone softened a little as he added, "I'm sorry, but you're not the only hot, tired person whose flight was delayed, you know." And off he strolled through the terminal, his bag flung over his shoulder, without a backward glance.

#MFRWHook for ~~I think I love you~~ 22/07/15 #amreading #mustread

 Happy "Book Hook" Day
May I 'hook' you on "I think I love you"
my latest release in the Australian Sport Stars series? 

"I think I love you" is set in Melbourne, in the wonderful country of Australia.    


I hope you get hooked by this Snippet
Markus DeLeon and Sarah Winter’s lives couldn’t be more different… After three years away as the goalkeeper for an English soccer club, Markus has been happy to be back in Australia. He’d missed his family and friends, including Sarah. He’s known her since childhood, and often protected her from the teasing of other children and the troubling consequences of a broken home.

When they attend their friends’ wedding, a new light is cast on their friendship… Sarah is fresh out of a bad relationship, and Markus has always been the one she can confide in. Maybe it’s the magic of the wedding—or how stunning he looks in a tux—but the attraction between them intensifies in ways they’d never imagined.

But sometimes when risking what you have, you might lose everything… Following a passionate encounter, Markus isn’t sure how to handle this new aspect of his relationship with Sarah, and literally flees the scene for the coast. Sarah is unsure how to react to his sudden departure, but is soon knocked off course by misunderstandings and a frightening family emergency.

Markus realises his mistake and wants to make things right, but he also faces obstacles. He’s been offered an exciting new job, and an attractive newcomer to the neighbourhood is eager to claim his attention, though the last thing Markus needs is another confusing relationship.
Can Sarah and Markus face the fear and doubt—and the potential loss of their lifelong friendship—to give their love a chance?

Today's hook
Markus DeLeon stood in front of Tyson and stared at him. The guy looked good in a tuxedo. A smile tugged at his lips, though, when he saw Ty’s hair.

Markus cocked a questioning brow. “The hair?”

Tyson instantly raked his hand through it to mess it up a bit. “Grandma Hazel,” he said through gritted teeth.

Markus laughed. “Did I just see an eye twitch?”

“Oh man, give me a break here, okay.” Tyson looked away. “And where the hell is Oliver?”

Markus tried his best not to laugh, but failed miserably. He’d known his friend for over twenty years, and Ty’s eye twitch was enough proof for him that his friend was beyond nervous. He couldn’t remember seeing Ty so tense in…well, ever. Not even before any of his important football games.

Then again, it wasn’t every day that one got married to a gorgeous girl. And despite Katie’s best efforts to keep it a low key event, the media was present already outside the church.

 new release

Tuesday Tales - TIGER - Where #Authors #Write to a #prompt ~ #romance #amwriting

Welcome to Tuesday ... Welcome to Tuesday Tales ...

I'm back with Ethan's story. A quick re-cap: Addison's house was broken in, Ethan worries about here being on her own over night and grabs his swag and stays overnight.
Today's prompt is TIGER. 

Enjoy - and feel free to leave a comment. And don't forget to click the link below to go back to the main Tuesday Tale site for more stories by very talented authors.
“Yes, there’s been a break-in, I’m trying to help out.”
Debbie was quiet for a moment. “You had a break-in?”
“Nah," he said, as he walked out of the room. He heard Addison’s soft cry and followed the sound. “I’m fine. It’s Addison.”
Another long moment of silence.
“Still here. Isn’t she Nicolas’ new teacher?”
“Yes, that’s her,” he replied, still trying to find Addison.
“Oh. What are you doing there? And where’s your little tiger?”
He found Addison in the bathroom, on the floor with the tissue box, tears still flowing. “Got to go. I’ll call you again later on.”
“I… You… That’s not... Never mind.”
Momentarily surprised by her last words, he quickly pushed any thoughts aside and knelt in front of Addison. Wiping some of the tears from her face, he said, “Matt’s on his way.”
She nodded, her face puffy and pale showing exactly what she’d been through the last twenty-four hours. Without much warning, she heaved and threw up into the toilet bowl. Over and over, with her body shuddering with each stomach wrenching spasm, until he was exhausted and near dehydrated.
Ethan gathered her in his arms and carried her to her bed. “I’ll call the doctor,” he whispered.
As he dialled the number, he went back into the bathroom, found a washcloths, rinsed it under warm water, and placed it on her forehead. As soon as the doctor’s office answered the call, he explained the situation and was transferred through to Dr. Linda Miller.
“The way it sounds, Ethan, she suffers from shock. Is there anybody looking after her?”
“It’s me at the moment.”
“Keep the fluids up, I’ll come and check on her in the afternoon. I’ve got the practice full this morning. If anything changes drastically, call emergency.”
“Define drastically.”
“Fainting, heavy, continuous sweats, and not keeping the fluids down.”
“Okay. I can do that.”



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