Book Feature: @GemSivad "Blood Stoned"

It's an absolute delight to feature fellow "SnippetSunday" Author Gem Sivad. I enjoy her weekly teasers and hope you'll check out her latest release "Blood Stoned".
Blood Stoned Blurb:
1887. Maggie Jenks, is a natural healer. She lays-hands on the sick, tends the wounded, and brings the almost dead back to life. Then she moves on. That's what usually happens anyway. When Maggie arrives in Willow Springs, New Mexico Territory, she's greeted with enough ill-health to keep her feet planted for a long visit, and enough magic in the air to make her want to stay.
After a strange malady sweeps down from the railroad tunnel in Raton Pass, leaving bloodless carcasses littering the ground and town citizens lingering in half-death, it takes Maggie, her shifter mate Hunter, and an amulet infused with harvested magic, to save the living from the walking undead.
"You heard nothing last night?"
Sean's head shake deepened the puzzle. He didn't like me, but he loved all his livestock and tended his animals with the same devotion he lavished on his wife and child.
My gaze swung back to Sullivan.  I couldn't believe this monster that usually ruled the corral had stood quietly while a predator fed.
Though I had no desire to crouch on the ground next to the beast, I needed to touch the legs. Bending low, I laid hands on the right foreleg and stroked down, brushing across the seeping wounds.
"Alrighty then," I murmured as I watched the cuts scab over. Inelegant though it was, I crawled around Sullivan, attending each leg. By the time I returned to the foreleg, the scabs had dried and flaked off, leaving pink scars. 
"It can't be anything he ate. His feed's not been changed and he's either been in the barn or the corral where there's no weeds to eat." Sean's voice was gruff.  He stared hard at me, letting me know without begging, how important the bull was.
Trying not to see the desperation in his silent plea, I continued my examination, stroking the muscled shoulder and following a vein up the thick neck to the bovine jaw.
Instead of the steady sound of a healthy heart, the bull's pulse stuttered and beat in a sluggish rhythm. Not expecting much to happen in the way of healing, I settled both thumbs side by side on the vein, focusing whatever drib of power I might have on that spot.
I can't describe what happened next, other than to say I became a conduit, pumping magic through my thumbs into the bull. I stared at the connection and watched the white haze buzzing around the beast gradually change to gray. When it finally dispersed altogether, the connection ended, and my hands dropped to my sides.
"That's all I can do." I closed my eyes, tottering on my feet as I shook my head to clear it. When I opened my eyes again, it was to see the recovered animal trotting across the barn lot.
Paddy grabbed up Myrtle and the boy and whirled them around, dancing an Irish jig. Watching them, I paid no mind to the bull until I heard Sullivan snort. A quick glance his way confirmed he had his head down, pawing the ground in a challenge. Being both sapped of energy and bloated with magic, at first, I ignored the creature. 
"Maggie, move," Myrtle shrieked when the beast began a gallop across the lot. 
I stumbled backward and fell, landing on my rear in the dust. I had no chance of reaching the fence before the bull reached me. Myrtle shouted at Paddy to do something and to his credit, he picked up a pitchfork.
Whether it was to be used on his bull or me, I didn't wait to find out.
Drawing on the power I'd just harvested from the healing, I cast a protection spell to create a shield between me and the ungrateful beast. But instead of shaping itself into a wall, magic zinged from me and smacked the bull a forceful blow. Sullivan fell to his front knees. A patch of hair on his right shoulder appeared singed while another spot burst into flame.
"Well isn't that grand? The animal seems to be feeling frisky again." Myrtle remained positive, ignoring my misfired spell, while Paddy glared threats at me and beat out the blaze dancing on his prize bovine's shoulder.
"'Tis true yer a jinx." He pointed at the scorched patch of hair still smoldering. "You fix one thing and break two more. Ye've put a devil mark on my Aberdeen-Angus."
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Author Bio:
Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Gem Sivad, a reclusive writer, comma phobic, and eavesdropper on the world. Although I have hermit tendencies, occasionally I come out of the writer's den to meet readers at book signing events. Hope to see you there. But in case we miss each other, you can find me at the places below. 
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May I introduce: Jennifer Labelle "Broken Survivor" @1JenniferLabell

The Ups and Downs of…
There are ups and downs to every decision one makes in life, and believe me when I tell you there are plenty when you decide to write such an emotional story you can relate to. Broken Survivor was both a pleasure and a burden to finish, bittersweet. I had to stop and go back to it so many times to give myself a break it took me three times as long to write it than I normally do. Here's why…
It was based on true events.
Now please note I said it's based on true events, not exactly a true story. There is a difference and I'll try to explain. The murder actually happened the way it was stated in the book, and I can relate to Holly as I too had an abusive father, had struggles getting over the death of my mother, and going through foster care etc. but not all of the plot is fact, there is fiction in there as well, hence the 'true events' wording. 
At the same time though, this book was an amazing accomplishment for me. It's something I've always wanted to get out there, and was very healing for me to write, as I got to say my final goodbye to my own mother through it. I also love the happily ever after ending and the amazing romance that develops between Holly and Zander throughout the novel as well. It was quite the roller-coaster ride of emotions. I hope you enjoy it!
Now here is a little more about the book itself, in case you're curious.
Holly Hewitt is a survivor…
After witnessing her mother's murder, Holly was returned to her abusive father. Resorting to drugs and alcohol, she ends up landing herself in foster care, where she is separated from her sister and utterly alone.
Zander Harrison is the light to her darkness…
Zander is young, athletic, and carefree, with the support of a loving family. But when Holly is placed in foster care with his brother's in-laws, she turns his world upside down.
He's driven to protect her, and to show her the past has made her strong, life is worth living, and love is worth fighting for. If only he can convince her to trust him and stop resisting their mutual attraction.
But sometimes even love isn't enough to heal a shattered soul.
And all the hard work in the world can't save…

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Author Bio:
Jennifer Labelle resides in Canada with her husband and three beautiful children. After her third child she became a stay at home mom. In her busy household Jennifer likes to spend her down time engrossed in the stories that she creates. She is an active reader of romance, mystery and anything paranormal. With an education in Addictions work she's decided to take a less stressful approach in life and hopes that you enjoy, as she shares some of her imagination with all of you.
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Pink and orange hues filled the sky with a warm beauty while the sun set. Holly wrapped her arms around herself and lifted her face toward the sky to soak in the last few moments of the sun before the chill of the night descended upon them. This was definitely not going to be an easy talk to get through. She just hoped they'd both be okay when it was done.  Zander stepped up behind her, and she felt the heat of his body before he wrapped his arms around her from behind. The way she was drawn to him made her wonder if he had a magnetic pull, and it kind of scared her a little bit. Holly tried to enjoy the view as they were silent for a few moments.
"As much as I hate to let go, I think maybe we should sit so we can finally talk," Zander said.
She hesitated a moment before taking his hand while they walked back to his house and sat beside each other on the patio. This is it.
"First, I want to clear up earlier," Zander said. "She was just a friend, nothing more. She has only ever been a friend." He lifted their linked hands and kissed the top of hers.
"This isn't any of my business, but does she realize that? I got the impression there was much more than a friendship there." Holly held her breath and didn't exhale until after he answered her.
"Not for a really long time, and we were never a couple." His posture slumped. "Before today, I hadn't heard from her in months. She just showed up out of the blue, but I swear nothing happened."
"Why are you telling me this?" Holly shifted to face him. "So you and she were friends with benefits a while ago. I have to admit I didn't like seeing you with her, but I don't have any right to be mad. We're taking things slow, remember?"
"That's just the thing. I want to be with you, Hol. As in, I'd be staking my claim. You'd be my girlfriend, exclusive."
"I'm actually kind of glad you said that. I've recently figured out that I'm not made for casual." She bit her lip nervously. "I don't even care about your friend anymore because I sort of have some huge news, which throws going slow out the window anyway. That is, if you don't freak out and feel like you want nothing to do with me after this."
"Okay, now you're making me nervous," he joked nervously and playfully nudged her with his shoulder. "What's up?"
"You probably should be." Holly smiled weakly and then exhaled long and hard. "I didn't want a relationship when you came into the picture, and I didn't want to care for someone so much. But then there you were all sweet, caring, and persistent and screwed up my original plans. So let's get that out there." She smiled and leaned into him. Her head lay on his shoulder and she looked up at him needing to be close. "That's the best part by the way because I'm glad I've let you in. I care for you a lot. I've messed up, though. We both have. Do you remember the night at my sister's?"
"How could I forget?" His eyes lit up and she snorted.
"It was a good night, huh?" She licked her lips just thinking about it. "Well, I haven't been feeling like myself lately, so Lauren decided to take me to get a checkup…"
"O-okay, you were sick and…?" Zander's brows scrunched together in confusion, but as if he sensed her discomfort, he gave her a quick reprieve to pull herself together before she had to spit out the big news. He captured her mouth. His soft, plump lips caressed hers, then he moved to nip and suck on her bottom lip. His tongue coaxed her mouth open farther, and she tasted his mutual arousal as he probed the slit of her mouth with his tongue. One of her hands fisted in his shirt and held him closer, while the other massaged his nape and into his hair. They both moaned in the heat of the moment, and she could feel his chest rise and fall more rapidly before he pulled away.
"God, I've missed this," he said. "You get sick again and I'm coming over with some chicken soup and taking care of you.
"That sounds amazing." She smirked. "I've missed you too." Holly shifted so that she was facing him now and rested her forehead against his while they caught their breath.
"Don't go home yet. Call Lauren and let's recreate that night." He wiggled his eyebrows up and down.
"You are such a goofball. As tempting as that sounds, I need to finish what I was saying before you distract me too much." She gave him a quick peck on the lips and leaned back.
"But the distraction is so good. I can't help myself." He lifted a sexy, dark eyebrow in question. "Can we fool around a bit while you talk? I'm a great multitasker."
"I'll tell you what, if after I tell you everything I need to, you still want to fool around or more, then yes, we'll go inside your place and I'll make it worth your while." She wiggled her brows back at him and smiled as she caressed the side of his face. I just hope I don't ruin things first.
"Lauren might not be too happy if she finds out the truth."
"Really?" He looked at her in shock. "I find that hard to believe after her and Shelby practically pushed us together." He smiled and kissed the back of her hand. "Remind me to thank them for that one day."
"I really hope you still feel that way after you hear what I have to say."
"Quit stalling and just tell me already."
"So you know I haven't been feeling well lately, but what you don't know is why she's been on my case. She had some concerns that drove her to take me to the doctor in the first place." She leaned way back in her chair and closed her eyes.
"Is she still hung up about the new apartment?"
"In a way, I guess, but right now what's bothering her is her assumption that I might be pregnant." She peeked in his direction to gauge his reaction.
He stiffened a bit on the seat next to her and sat straighter. "Wait, what?"

#MFRWHook for ~~I think I love you~~ 26/08/15 #amreading #mustread

 Happy "Book Hook" Day
May I 'hook' you on "I think I love you"
my latest release in the Australian Sport Stars series? 

"I think I love you" is set in Melbourne, in the wonderful country of Australia.    


I hope you get hooked by this Snippet
Markus DeLeon and Sarah Winter’s lives couldn’t be more different… After three years away as the goalkeeper for an English soccer club, Markus has been happy to be back in Australia. He’d missed his family and friends, including Sarah. He’s known her since childhood, and often protected her from the teasing of other children and the troubling consequences of a broken home.

When they attend their friends’ wedding, a new light is cast on their friendship… Sarah is fresh out of a bad relationship, and Markus has always been the one she can confide in. Maybe it’s the magic of the wedding—or how stunning he looks in a tux—but the attraction between them intensifies in ways they’d never imagined.

But sometimes when risking what you have, you might lose everything… Following a passionate encounter, Markus isn’t sure how to handle this new aspect of his relationship with Sarah, and literally flees the scene for the coast. Sarah is unsure how to react to his sudden departure, but is soon knocked off course by misunderstandings and a frightening family emergency.

Markus realises his mistake and wants to make things right, but he also faces obstacles. He’s been offered an exciting new job, and an attractive newcomer to the neighbourhood is eager to claim his attention, though the last thing Markus needs is another confusing relationship.
Can Sarah and Markus face the fear and doubt—and the potential loss of their lifelong friendship—to give their love a chance?

Today's hook
Couldn’t be. She’d never been jealous of Markus’ girlfriends before, so why would she be today? Damn, she wished that girl would leave him be.
A long sigh escaped her.
Tired, she squeezed another little bit of lemon into her tea as she watched all the couples on the dance floor.
“Aww, baby, that’s your second cup of tea now. What’s the matter?” Markus asked as he sat next to her.
Startled, Sarah nearly spilled the tea. Yet, the few simple words and his presence made her feel better already.
As long as she was able to remember, Markus had called her baby. Initially, it had annoyed her, because she’d been so proud of having finally reached teenage years, but nowadays…nowadays she reeled in the comfort of their closeness. Tilting her head slightly to look at him, she let out a little sigh. He laughed and placed his arm around her for a little hug.
“Want to dance?”
His mouth was so close to her ear, she could feel his breath on her skin as he spoke. A little shiver went down her spine, and it took her by surprise. She’d known Markus for almost twenty years, and she couldn’t remember her body responding to him like this. It was a bit eerie. The combination of red wine, hangover, and the Panadol was obviously too much for her. After all, they’d shared lunches together at school, went together to movies or concerts, shared heartaches, and even their first kiss celebrating Mark’s thirteen’s birthday. Both decided then and there that it wasn’t for them. In all fairness, it’d been their third kiss, but they were about five years old when their mouths had accidentally met for the first time, and Markus had given her a wet, sloppy kiss in Kindergarten as well when she’d fallen off the slide.
So why was her body betraying her today?

 new release

5 Stars 
Book #3 of the Australian Sport Series - also the one I enjoyed the most :)
Their love story is not your regular "thrills" one - you know, the one with shivers top to bottom and bottom to top - at the first sight :) It's a beautiful story about the friendship, strong and true, turning slowly into some profound feelings. They do not realize it at first, then they do not want to realize that, finally they are too scared to admit it... :) But it gets them anyways :D

Tuesday Tales - BUZZ - Where #Authors #Write to a #prompt ~ #romance #MFRWAuthor

Welcome to Tuesday ... Welcome to Tuesday Tales ...

I'm back with Ethan's story. A quick re-cap: Addison's house was broken in, Ethan worries about here being on her own over night and grabs his swag and stays overnight.
Today's prompt is BUZZ. 

Enjoy - and feel free to leave a comment. And don't forget to click the link below to go back to the main Tuesday Tale site for more stories by very talented authors.

She let out a long sigh. “He's a gorgeous boy. You can be very proud of him.”
Emotions he’d learnt to control had remained locked away in the back of his mind. Emotions built up over those years, difficult years. When he'd had no idea what he was doing with his baby son. Or when he was simply overwhelmed by being on his own with a child. The lonely nights when he yearned a woman’s touch, especially after a right out, watching his friend Niall flirting like it was his last day on earth. Ethan took one hand at of his pocket and rubbed his face. Yes, he was extremely proud of his son, despite all the highs and lows. And despite all those difficult years, he never regretted having Nick in his life.
“A penny for your thought.”
Startled, Ethan looked up and noticed Addison standing in front of him, dressed in just a skimpy T-shirt. Heat pooled in his groin. Clearing the lump in his throat, he said, “Yes, I am very proud of him.” Scratching the back of his heck, he added, “I'd better get going. Matt's expecting you this afternoon.”
The grin on her face told him that he was repeating himself. When her hand touched his arm, he was tempted to pull her in, wrap his arms around her, and take her back to bed. But it was a case of bad timing.
“Thanks, Ethan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” She placed a quick kiss on her cheek before she said, “I’d better have a quick shower. I feel awful and most likely look it as well.”
About to disagree with her, the doorbell buzzed a couple of times, like a secret code.
“That's Mum and dad.”
Nodding towards the bathroom, he said, “I’ll open up for them, while you have a quick shower.”
And before he was tempted to return the kissing favour, he turned and left the room.

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Snippet Sunday - FRESH BEGINNINGS 23/08/2015 #romance #amreading #Route66

We continue with Fresh Beginnings, Jared's story as he travels through five states
 in the US in a Motorhome. I used our itinerary from our US travels two years ago
 and wrote a romance story around in.
Jared's met Ivy, a hitchhiker ... I skipped forward a little, they're now having some lunch.


"What brings you to the USA, Jared?" she asked, hoping to find out more about the very handsome stranger in front of her.
But he only shrugged and said, "Holidays."
How can he casually say holidays? Assuming that holidays were the same as what Americans called vacations, she thought she'd never had vacations in her life, let alone go to another country to have vacations.
"Australia is supposed to be beautiful. Why didn't you drive around with your RV down there?"
He raised one eyebrow at her, and she wasn't sure what that meant. Staring at him, he simply stared back.
"Are you running?" she asked carefully.
"Nope, I'm drivin'."
Letting out an exasperated sigh, she said, "I meant in—"
His laughter startled her. "Nah, I'm not running." Then he met her gaze dead on. "But you are."
The words were quietly spoken, but still went through her like a knife. Not sure why, though, because she had done nothing wrong. Yet, she still wasn't so sure about her companion. The waitress took their order and, even though Ivy ordered only a small sandwich, he added an extra serving of fries for her. It annoyed her, and she was determined not to eat it.
"For what it's worth, I'm not running," she said after a long moment of silence.



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Cover Reveal: M.S. Kaye "Clouded" @MSKosciuszko

Cover reveal



By M.S. Kaye
A Sumerian water and sky god myth collides with a modern high school.
Ayanna is a math nerd, logical and rational, even cold, but Calder makes her feel things she never had before. Somehow, she's able to accept it when she discovers he's a reincarnated Sumerian water god. Will she be able to accept the full truth, that the story of Enki and Inanna has been reborn in a modern Ohio high school?
Release Date: 9/12/15

About the Author:
M.S. Kaye has several published books under her black belt. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, Florida, where she tries not to melt in the sun. Find suspense and the unusual at
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Contact M. S. Kaye at:
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