Diane Krueger - Ein einziger Kuss

Publisher: Acabus (2009)
ISBN: 978-3941404908
Language: German
My Rating: 3.5/5

"Kiss one of them" - Angie and Kate are challenging her friend Carolyn at the Empire, a nightclub in London, during one of their regular Friday nights there. This is how it starts. Carolyn walks towards the twins, Matt and Luke - the two boys Angie and Kate can't take their eyes off.

But the 18-year-old Carolyn wasn't thinking about the consequences of that kiss with the result that the following weeks of a rollercoaster of emotions. And an unexpected meeting with her ex-boyfriend Josh doesn't help the cause, because her heart belongs now to only one person.

From now on, any encounters with the twins end either in complete happiness or tears. And while the twins are more and more successful with their plan to establish themselves as a pop-band ("the Thorntons"), Carolyn is facing her own decisions about her future: College or professional dancing. Then she meets the very talented dancer George, who she trust immediately, and the decision seems to have been made.

Carolyn faces new challenges and has to figure out who her heart belongs to. (

My thoughts

Carolyn cannot understand her friends' admiration for the twins Matt and Luke. So when she gets asked to give one of them a kiss she just goes ahead and does - starting a rollercoaster of events, emotions and lots of romance.

I liked it! I liked it mainly because I love the 80s and it was a wonderful journey back to that special time. This first novel from German Author Diane Krueger is mainly addressed to the young teenage reader or those -like me- who enjoy the reminiscence of the 80s. The book is not only telling us Carolyn's story in a wonderful bubbly language of the young, but also allows us to remember the music of the 80s which we all loved: Pet Shop Boys, Donna Summer, Taylor Dayne, Jimmy Summerville among so many other. With real dialogues and wonderful writing, I read this book within days.

PS - Yes, I do know the author personally, but the above reflects my honest opinion!

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