Vera Bleibtreu - Und fuehre uns nicht in Versuchung

Publisher:  Knecht Verlag
ISBN: 978 3782008921
Language: German

My Rating: 2.5/5

A Minister like like Susanne Hertz is not unfamilar with anything human. She knows there are temptations everywhere and she knows the abyss of the human soul. That's what she believes anyway until she discovers a dead corpse while jogging and quicker than she would have liked she's involved in the solving of the murder. (translated from

My thoughts

My Mum gave me the book to read as the story is set in the town I grew up.

The main protagonists are the minister Susanne Hertz and Inspector Tanja Schmidt.

The story itself is interesting but poorly executed. The book starts with Susanne finding a dead body near a little chapel in a small town, but then the story slows down so much, that by page 27 I had already forgotten, what had actually happened. Some of the chapters are very long describing too much personal detail which seemed irrelevant to me. Not to mention that at around page 60 I still didn’t know what the importance of Susanne in the story was. And in the end it seemed to me that the author, a minister herself and living in exactly that same town, wanted to quickly wrap up the story so we only find out who the killer is by sheer coincidence ... although I believe most of the readers will have an inkling of exactly who that person might be more or less half way through the book.

And yes ... I'm not quite sure about the Inspector falling in love at first sight with with this witness thirty years her age ...

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