Sigrid Macdonald - D'amour Road

Publisher: Lulu Enterprises, Inc

ISBN:  978-1411628724

My rating: 4/5

 Tara Richards is approaching 40. The thought fills her with dread. She is unhappy with her job as a rehabilitation nurse and disenchanted with her marriage, but lacks the courage to make a major life change. When her best friend Lisa disappears, Tara's life is thrown into turmoil.

Has Lisa jeopardized her sobriety by going on a drinking binge, or has she been harmed by her partner, who has a history of battering? Tara joins a massive search for her friend in conjunction with the police, her colorful women's collective, and a 24-year-old man, whom she finds particularly captivating.

D'Amour Road explores themes as diverse as women's friendships, male violence, wrongful convictions, addictions, cultural biases against aging, and infidelity. With pathos and humour, social activist Sigrid Macdonald draws us into the world of a quirky and imminently likable Canadian woman, whose life is about to be irrevocably changed  (

My thoughts

WOW .... what a powerful book!

The book is loosely based on the story of Louise Ellis who went missing in 1995.

The main character is Tara Richards and we follow her life for two weeks.

Tara is approaching 40 and with that she questions her life and what she's done with it - sounds familiar to probably many of us women! She's not satisfied with her work as a nurse anymore, struggles to find common ground with her son and a look at her husband Mark turns her off instead of on. But Tara's life turns seriously up-side-down when her best friend Lisa Campana dissappears and Tara needs to find the strength to cope with it all - and that without her best friend!

Sigrid has a wonderful writing style, detailing every point, character or scene which makes the reader feel part of the story. However, I find exactly that attention to detail, made the start very slow and it took me a while to get into it. Yet, once Lisa dissappeared it was a rollercoster ride and I wasn't able to put the book down.

It's a great book and a reminder to not take life and friendship for granted.

I would definately categorise D'Amour Road as a must read, yet I'd like to add that as a reader you will need a bit of background knowledge of Canada (politics and hockey of all subjects), nursing and of course "missing people" around the globe.

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