Vera Bleibtreu - Trauerspiel

Publisher: Knecht Verlag

ISBN: 978-3-7820-0897-6

Language: German

My Rating: 3.5/5

Susanne Hertz, the minister from Mainz, is taken aback when she finds Julia Moll dead in front of her church. What did the 17 year old student want to talk about with Susanne before she was murdered?

Detective Tanja Schmidt comes across quite a few different motives and a few possible suspects - Could there a connection to the a teacher's suicide who used to teach at Julia's school? Did Julia really have an affair with Thorsten Braun, the director at the local theatre? What about Thorsten Braun's jealous wife? What is the deal with the burnt fields of genetic modified corn ? And who anonymously blames Susanne Hertz?

As soon as the detectives figure out who is pulling the strings behind this crime, the minister from Mainz comes up with an idea, which, however, is very daring and dangerous. (translated from

My thoughts

Well - I hope I have grown with my second book as much as Vera did with hers. It was a real pleasure to read "Trauerspiel" (Tradgedy).

Most of the characters have been developed nicely, the plot is a very well thought of idea which is being told smoothly. There's not as much or hardly any backlog like in her firstbook - thus the book gets more "oompf". The writing seems more fluently and thus it's easier to just want to read on.

If you're from the area or want to read something "German" I'd happily recommend this one for a light read. Well done Vera!

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