Writers Auction 4 Queensland Flood Appeal

Please check out this Facebook page !!!!

The page is administrated by Australian authors Fleur McDonald, Kate Gordon, Katrina Germein and Emily Gale.

All of the donations pledged on the FB page, or through email, will be collated before the auction begins and listed on a central site (still under construction). Following the conclusion of the auction authors will be asked to mail their donation to the winning bidder or contact them about a mentorship etc.
We encourage authors to be creative with their donations - author talks, phone calls to aspiring writers etc.
Thanks to everyone for their interest and support.
Please show your support by donating - Queensland, and in fact all of Australia will be grateful! And so will I.


  1. I wish them the best of luck with the auction! What a wonderful thing they're doing.

  2. Thanks Susan! Much appreciated.