Ireland Photos -- National Geographic

The thing with living in Australia is ..... you need a decent loan to go travelling :-)

These picutres make me start saving up again to go back to Ireland !

I would soooo love to spend a week in this cottage ....

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  1. These pictures are beautiful. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Thanks, Beth and welcome to my humble "blog-world" :-)

  3. Truly beautiful. I'm from the UK originally but never made it to Ireland. My nephews did go camping there a few months back and I did wonder what was there to do in Ireland except digging for potatoes (only joking!) and now I can see why they wanted to go :)

  4. Thanks Maxine ... Funny you're saying that. I'm originally from Europe as well, but had never made it to Ireland, until I had moved to here and then went there for a visit. I TRULY LOVED THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE!