P.S. Baber - Cassie draws the Universe

Publisher: IUniverse

ISBN: 978 1450243797

My Rating: 3/5

Cassie Harper is a disillusioned high school senior who is daily losing ground in a battle against her own nihilistic inclinations. When a beautiful new girl from California comes to town and attempts to befriend a reluctant Cassie, the two unlikely companions find common ground in a shared sorrow.
Cassie lives with her mother and grandmother in a dilapidated house in a nameless Kansas town, where she is haunted nightly by dreams of a father who died before she was born. Amy Cole has just moved from California, where she recently lost her mother and brother in a car accident. When Amy finally breaks down the walls of Cassie's self imposed solitude, the girls band together to avoid the common end of all high school students: inexorable assimilation into an increasingly empty and incomprehensible world. But as Amy and Cassie attempt to outrun fate, their pursuit will be cut short by an unexpected adversary, leading Cassie to devise a chilling and unimaginable revenge.
Cassie Draws the Universe is a complex and tragic tale of friendship and betrayal, living and dying, human cruelty, and the terrible price of vengeance. (from the back of the cover)

My thougths

This was a goodreads giveaway. When I read the back of the cover and all the reviews I entered the giveaway and hoped to win it.
Rating this book was very difficult, it was very dark and full of metaphors. The story was not my cup of tea and with that I am not implying that it's not a good book, but just not for me. Personally I thought the story dragged on for at least half the book -we get introduced to Cassie and her new friend Amy; two young women who couldn't be more different, but build a bond solid and strong. We get discussions thrown at us and I still haven't figured out the relevance. The writing style was difficult to read with words I had never heard of and I found myself often putting it aside to read another book.

I also had an issue with a few descriptions - like the mother being ten or twelve feet tall, weighing well over a thousand pounds. Was that on purpose ?

The twist at the end was well done and I didn't expect it.