Release of Kristin Macdonald's New Book, Second Vision: An Interactive Journal

Are You in Need of a Second Vision?

Most people have expectations for their lives. They may expect to get married and have children, or to work at a job they love. They don't expect their partner to have an affair with their best friend, their company of many years to suddenly lay them off, or their child to die of leukemia. Even though we know these things can occur, we believe they will occur to other people. But unexpected things happen and when they do, you want to have the tools to deal with them.

Even if you're not going through a rough patch, life is full of change. Ironically, this seems to surprise us. On a subconscious level we assume things will stay the same, but one of the only constants in life is change. And even when change doesn’t include loss, it can be disorienting. Growing older, taking on a new work opportunity, and having another child can all be exhilarating yet stressful.

Second Vision: an Interactive Journal by Kristin Macdonald helps you to identify what's important to you. What and whom do you love? What do you value? How can you use that self-knowledge to help you through the tough times? The Second Vision System enables people to devise a new plan for their lives when their first one fails. This Interactive Journal will walk you step-by-step through your three best attitudes -- Acceptance, Appreciation, and Action -- to allow you to map out your new life and then inspire you to make it happen.

Second Vision will enable you to reinvent yourself, starting exactly where you are today. It is a customized and personalized tool for finding yourself, and is available on as well as on the Second Vision website. Buy your copy today and please forward this to your friends and family.


Kristin Macdonald is a radio show host and a motivational speaker. She lost a large portion of her eyesight to a degenerative retinal condition called retinitis pigmentosa, but as she likes to say, “Although my eyesight is poor, my vision is still perfect”!


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