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Camp WeddingCamp Wedding by Kay Springsteen

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A blind Marine, a nervous bride, and an adorable child with Down syndrome who loves them both is an equation for another tug on the heartstrings in the story behind the Heartsight nuptials. Is Trish ready for life as a military wife? Is Dan ready for the challenges of being a father to a precocious 6-year-old? How will Bella add her special brand of magic to the day? Formerly published in the Matrimonial Mayhem anthology by Astraea Press. (

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When I found out that Trish & Dan's story was continued, I just had to read it! I loved Heartsight and the wedding story was just beautiful. It was wonderful to be "part" of their lives again.

"Camp Wedding" does not disappoint and is a sheer pleasure to read from the start to the very end. It's Trish and Dan's special day, but before the final "I do" there's a bit of excitement - and I'm not talking about Trish's nerves before meeting Dan's family.

If you have read Heartsight, this is a must. It's beautifully written and another page turner.

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