Sweet Saturday Sample 26/05/2012

Last week's snippet was all about Hollie's dream, which triggers quite a chain of events. Read in this week's sample about Hollie's second time she meets Jeremy.

“What?” Jeremy said with a frown.
Hollie shrugged her shoulders. “You said I’m different from the girls you’ve met before. Well, how am I different?”
Jeremy turned his head to check whether anybody was listening to this conversation, but everybody else seemed busy either playing around in the pool or standing by the barbecues. Even Alex seemed unaware of their conversation. “Just different, you know.”
“Here’s the thing. Obviously I don’t know, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking, right? I thought I was pretty normal, the average kind of Tassie girl. Now here you are saying I’m different.”
Jeremy pinched the bridge of his nose. Out of all the women in Launceston he had to meet the one standing in front of him. Yes, out of all the pretty ones, it was her eyes, the twinkle in her eyes, that made his heart beat faster and his knees go weak. Different and difficult as well, he thought. But kind of cute difficult. He wanted, no he needed, to get his wording right, so it took a while for him to answer. He gazed at her blue eyes and studied her. His answer seemed significant to Hollie.
“First of all, you have an incredibly curious nature,” he said with a wry smile. Worried she would interrupt him with yet another question, his eyes clung to hers. Yet instead of looking into glaring eyes previously hard and filled with dislike, he was now facing a beautiful smile. And he loved what he was seeing. How on earth did he miss this beautiful smile the other day? Why did he only concentrate on her appearance? Why didn’t he listen to what she had said? He loved her smile, and knew he had to work hard on this one now, because all of a sudden there was nothing more he
wanted but to get to know her better. So he went with honesty.
“You’re different because all the other girls I’ve met so far were more interested in the money I earn, the social life that comes with my job and, you know,” he paused and went on with a demure smile, ”…Sex. Instead of me or my personality.”
Instantly a blush stained Hollie’s cheeks and she stared blankly at him with her mouth open.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel and thx for stopping by :-)

  2. I like how you showed the couple struggling to get to know one another. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  3. Their conversation felt natural--like real people getting acquainted. I like the fact that Jeremy decided to be honest instead of trying to figure out what he thought Hollie wanted to hear. A good way to start a relationship.

  4. Great dialogue and nice to see him come clean with what he wasn't looking for in a woman