#SweetSat - 28/07/12

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hope you enjoy this little sample from my first book "Sweet Dreams, Miss England"

Enjoy  :-D

Her heart was beating as if she had just run a marathon and it took all her strength to enter the hotel and ask for his room number. The hotel lift seemed to take forever to finally reach the third floor. She took a deep breath and knocked at the door. Nicky vaguely heard him say to come in.

“Hey, Miss England. I thought I was under strict instructions: Dinner only and that at a restaurant.”

Nicky felt her knees giving way underneath her. She felt her body shaking and wasn’t enjoying being there.

“Daniel, I cannot go out for dinner with you tonight,” she said very softly.

He moved closer to her, sensing that something was wrong.

“Daniel, I am married and even though my husband lives in the States, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re married.”Nicky felt the tears running down her face. “The thing is, though, since I’ve met you, all I do is think of you. I can’t get you out of my head. I keep thinking of the way you held me when we danced. I cannot sleep because I remember the way you kissed me.” She wiped away a few tears, and with a big sigh, went on, “I just cannot have dinner with you, because I have to do what is right and that means I shouldn’t see you again. I am really, really sorry.”

Daniel just looked at her for a while. The silence made her nervous and uneasy. Nicky wanted to say something, but he held his finger in front of her lips to stop her. He took her face in his hands and looked right at her.

“You did come, though. Please don’t go,”he whispered. He moved forward to her and gently kissed her. Nicky moved back, but he held onto her hand and pulled her closer. He kissed her again and she felt herself slowly giving in to him. She had yearned for his kisses for such a long time and didn’t want to fight them any longer. They had already made her too weak. He touched her neck with his lips, gently moving his hands down her arms to her waist, slipping his hands under her shirt, caressing her back. His kisses felt like an exciting rush to her body, something so gentle, but at the same time wanting, like she hadn’t known before. He looked into her eyes as if to get her okay, picked her up in his arms and eased her onto the bed. Nicky’s body trembled as Daniel kissed every inch of her body while removing her clothes. She enjoyed the way she was being loved in such a caring yet passionate way.

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  1. Great Excerpt Iris! This book is on my TBR pile! :)

  2. Loved this excerpt. I can feel how conflicted she is.

  3. I love this scene. It's funny that she thought she shouldn't go to dinner with him but then they end up in bed. Obviously he's hard to resist face-to-face!

    1. Thank you Sandy. Yes, so far, he's been my favourite character. I loved writing this story.

  4. I'm with Sandy... WHOA! that was a turnaround! great excerpt, Iris!

  5. Wonderful excerpt! I also love how he won her over.