#SweetSat Sample - 06/10/2012

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Here's a little teaser from my recently released story "Innocent Tears".
Enjoy :-)
He sat next to her and she stiffened, her hand tightening around her wine glass. Biting her lip, she slowly moved her head towards him. Mistake! Big mistake. When their eyes met, he smiled a deviously handsome smile and the silence in the room echoed in her ears.
As he took a deep breath, he placed his glass onto the table next to the sofa. “I’d better not keep you up too long then,” he said as he turned back to her. “Thanks again for having Nadine.” He smiled.
She was still biting her lip.
With an arched eyebrow he said quietly, “Sweetheart, lips are there to be kissed. Not to bite on them until they bleed.”
Emma placed her fingers on her lips instantly, and then she blushed. Good grief. She was about to turn her head away from him, when he slowly brushed away a strand of her hair. Flynn took her fingers into his hand and cupped her chin with his other hand. He hesitated for a moment before he leaned forward to touch her lips with his. His touch sparked shivers down her spine as his fingers traced along her jaw line. Emma’s hands moved to his flat chest to gently push him away, but when she sensed his hands exploring the hollows of her back, she just closed her eyes and kissed back. Mixed sensations rushed through Emma’s body, and she slowly relaxed next to him and sunk into his cushioning embrace.
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  1. you paint a very vivid picture of her emotional confusion :-)

  2. Beautiful scene with lots of sensory detail. I love "cushioning embrace."

  3. This is a beautiful scene. Very sensual. Where did you find the picture? It isn't bad either!

  4. Nice cover! I'm not sure the accompanying photo is PG-13 (it made ME uncomfortable), but the scene is well crafted. Thanks for sharing it, Iris.

  5. The pic surprised me too - but I love the excerpt! Congratulations, and hope sales are going well.

  6. Thank you all for the kind words, and apologies to those who felt uncomfortable with the photo. I like hugging couples and this one is one of my favourite.