Matthew Reilly - Ice Station

Publisher:  Pan Macmillan Australia

ISBN: 9780330360890

My rating: 3/5

At a remote ice station in Antarctica, a team of US scientists has made an amazing discovery. They have found something buried deep within a 100-million-year-old layer of ice. Something made of METAL.
Led by the enigmatic Lieutenant Shane Schofield, a team of crack United States marines is sent to the station to secure this discovery for their country. They are a tight unit, tough and fearless. They would follow their leader into hell. They just did…

My thoughts

Truth be told - it wasn't my cup of tea. I felt like actually being at an ice station, getting hot and cold as I read along. I almost gave up after only the first twenty or so pages. As a movie I would've probably liked it but as a book .....
Shane Schoefield (Scarecrow) is a great new hero, but IMHO Reilly exaggerated just a few times too often in how he escapes death; falling off a cliff in a hovercraft, blowing up a sub ... I like the story in general, it was a great setting, in theory a great plot, but too long in battles, personally to gruesome and as a lover of killer whales ... yup didn't like their portrait of hunting down people. (which didn't influence the rating ;-) )

Not sure whether I'd go for another Reilly book.

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  1. I've met Matt Reilly and he signed my copy of Ice Station and Scarecrow. He acknowledges that his novels are fast paced and over the top and that is because as a young reader he disliked flat spots in exciting novels. He's very enthusiastic about his work, and he has a lot of time for his younger readers. Whilst his novels aren't great literature his enthusiasm is infectious and he is such a nice guy that I have found myself to be a fan of his.

    1. It was still a good read in a way, just sometimes not quite my liking. And I agree, I might just not be the target audience.
      Good on ya for having met him. I've heard he's a great bloke.
      And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi Iris. Ice Station is early Matthew Reilly and he does get a lot better. Ice Station was obviously written for a younger audience, with all the italics which drove me mad, and some crazy scenes which were well over the top. But I know young readers who don't read anything else so the fact that Matthew puts 'em out so regularly is great. I really like Contest and Scarecrow. Read a few more. Ice Station, IMO, is his worst.

    1. Isn't that often the case, that Authors go from strength to strength. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Denise. I promise I will make and effort and read another Scarecrow :-)