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Happy 2013!

“Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars” – Cecelia Ahern

I’m really glad and humbled that you’ve come back to check out my post this week as well. Yes, I’m the newbie here, filling big shoes – literally. Anyway. Got back from holidays today, just in time to post numéro deux for this week. The brain still mushy from the heat last week, I wondered yesterday whether I should humbly ask for a widget that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit, because if I tell you lovelies it was 40+ deg the last week, you probably raise your eyebrows in wonder when I also tell you that we did extreme “pooling” as we call it – wake up, swim in the pool, eat, swim in the pool, eat some more, swim in the pool… You get the gist ... continue reading here.

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