May I introduce: Darry Fraser "Anything for Love"

Anything For Love
by Darry Fraser

Please help me make Darry Fraser welcome here on my blog. They say don't judge the book by its cover, but I did... and I can't wait to read the story - the blurb sounds great as well!

1 - What gave you the idea for the story?

Anything For Love came about because of something that happened while I was working in an industry which hosted travelers into very isolated places. One of those isolated places was an island very much resembling Australis Island which I created for my stories.

 At one point an unfortunate travelling couple happened to be placed with another couple in what they’d been sold as their own private space for three days. Needless to say the agents who made the booking were a little red-faced and things were quickly sorted.

I began to think about two single people who might have been thrust into the same situation, how it might reasonably have come about and what might reasonably be expected to happen!

 The story was called ‘An Isolated Incident’ for a very long time; it was changed last minute to its current title.

2 – You’ve had some publishing success with short stories. What made you start writing novels?
It never occurred to me when I was younger that I was doing anything other than writing, spinning a tale, telling a story so I have always had short stories and novel-size stories on the go at the same time.
For me short stories are easy to write – not without heart and soul, but easy. You have to make every word count, because if you are on a word count limit, your story has to be seamless yet succinct. I don’t know if I’ve mastered it, but I love it. Inspiration for the shorties is very intense and so is the writing.

My short stories seem to have a bit of the ‘romagic’ in them – to borrow a very good description from another writer on the RWA list – they have romance, magic and a child-like wonder to them. It’s a very different muse who sits with me when I write short stories.

My longer stories seem to want the longer tale told, with no magic other than the real magic, either romance or romantic suspense. My other ‘longer-story’ muse constantly prods from the background. Often, I never know if the stories will be a novella, a novel or a supersize-novel, but character and content always dictates in the end.

These longer stories take precedence, but when I need a break I often find a good little short story is waiting to be written.

3 – Tell us a bit about your current project.
There are a number of projects on the go - I’m editing my next novel out in May. It’s using a storyline we’ve heard of before, but again, it was something on the edge of a truth which happened where I was living at the time, so my thoughts – and my keyboard – took off.

And a new novel is in the wings, about half way through as I write this. It too has its roots in truth, something I have in my family history, and only a couple of generations back. I hope I’m giving it a different perspective than the norm. The characters are taking me to places I didn’t even think of, so I have to get it right.

Tilla Cormack loves her job, and she’s the boss of her own company so what’s not to love? But lately she and her staff have been run ragged by one of her biggest clients who turns out to be the meanest, crankiest individual on the corporate planet.
And just who does he think he is? Enter Keith Taylor ... or is it Kent Taylor?

One magic, long awaited holiday; one case of a double booking; two cases of expensive wine and the sparks fly for Ms Cormack and Mr Taylor in the wilderness on isolated Australis Island.


I like to read forensic thrillers and historical dramas and autobiographies, mysteries and so on - and romance, but I LOVE to write about relationships, and use lots of dialogue,and to build characters who are more real than fantasy and create - I hope - great stories within the boundaries of the genre.

I love feel-good stories, and they're not necessarily Happily Ever After... but for now that's what I'm into - I hope you enjoy it as well. 


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 Her dream was a loud one. There was stumbling and cursing, unlike any of her dreams before, but she was reluctant to come awake ... too tired.  She tossed and moaned her protest, but when she heard the crash of a dozen bottles of wine she bolted upright, wide awake, heart hammering and her throat suddenly constricted.

She clutched the bed-clothes to her chin, gulped in great breaths of air. Tried to shake herself fully awake.

The cursing and snarling continued, the bottles crashing and clanging on the slate floor.

Terror struck her very soul.

There was a drunk in her little haven.

Oh no, oh no ...

She couldn’t see a thing—it was pitch outside, no moon. She leapt out of the bed dragging the sheet with her and groping in the dark for her clothes. Where were her clothes—? Oh God—in the bathroom ... how’d she possibly defend herself ... ?

Another curse and then another. “What the bloody hell—?”

Stopped her frantic panic, covered her mouth with one hand. She knew that voice. It was unmistakable. Tilla shook herself. It couldn’t be. She must still be asleep … It just couldn’t be. Her heart pounded.

“Who the bloody hell put that there?” the gravelly voice boomed.

She tried to distil the solid block of fear which weighed on her chest like a sack of potatoes.

There was no mistaking that voice. No mistaking it at all.

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