May I introduce: Suzi Love "Scenting Scandal" ( incl a #freebie )

Scenting Scandal

by Suzi Love

What a delight to have Australian author Suzi Love as a guest today. On her blog she describes herself "I live in the northern state of Queensland, known for sunshine and golden beaches. I’ve also lived in outback Australia and in two South Pacific countries. And been lucky enough to travel through lots of other countries, inspired the exotic settings for my books."

So what inspires her to write historical romances?

I've always been fascinated with history. I love museums and love discovering all the weird bits about eras, the clothing, houses, customs, and inventions. And my second love is romance, so when I started writing I instinctively blended the two and started creating historical romances full of characters based on the true life people I'd read so much about.   

No secret, Keanu Reeves is the man inspiring you for your erotica stories. What makes him stand out for you compared to other men? 
I've actually met him twice - far too briefly...sigh... and he is a very kind and polite man, not to mention even more gorgeous in person than on screen.  But I also admire him for  his incredible generosity to friends, family, and the cast and crew he works with on sets, and though he hides his charitable efforts, he freely donates his time, his name, and his earnings.   

You once described the outback as “The outback is a mixture of gulf wetlands and waterholes, red desert and sand dunes, pockets of lush grasslands, and enormous cattle stations”. What was it like to live in such an environment?
You'll probably regret asking me about the outback, because I tend to rave on for hours about the landscapes and the different lifestyles in the Australian bush. Living in the outback can be lonely as your neighbors may be hours drive away, and that's when the roads aren't flooded.  Yet if you have a problem, your neighbors will rush to your side and offer help. They'll stand beside you to fight bushfires, cook cakes for your cotton pickers or shearers, and hand you a box of tissues after you wave goodbye to your kids when they head off to boarding school on the train. 

A lot of the time living in the bush means red dust, heat, flies, and far too much hard work. But after rain, the plains become an expanse of lush green grass, the cattle look fat and healthy, and smiling farmers share a beer at the local pub and celebrate life in the bush. It's a life of highs and lows, but the scenery is always changing and always beautiful and outback people are the best in the world.        


Tell us about your current project. 
My current project is a book full of historic images about Easter and called, strangely enough, Easter in Images. (Grin) There are lots of gorgeous old Easter postcards, Faberge eggs from Russia, and paintings and etchings with religious significance for Easter. And the best news? Easter in Images is about to have free days so I hope everyone downloads a copy.   


Lady Laura Jamison has a gift and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s after a husband, but not just any husband. She wants a man who meets her logical and scientific criteria. Her extraordinary olfactory senses lead her to Richard, the Earl of Winchester. He might not know it-yet-but he’s her perfect match.

Richard has no time for family friend, Laura, the mad scientist. He’s been pursued by many a female, but never on the premise that one sniff can decide your soul mate. Besides, he wants to marry a sweet and docile  woman, a socially acceptable young lady, the exact opposite of Laura.

But when he’s tasked with stopping fraudulent trading in Britain’s railways shares, he finds he needs Laura’s help. As they work to expose the culprit, Richard begins to think Laura may be on to something, because when he’s with her, passion and desire explode with one look, one touch, one kiss…

Scenting Scandal is the second in the Scandalous Siblings Series of historical romances set early in the Victorian Era.

I'm Suzi Love, an Australian author of historical romances set mainly in the late Regency and early Victorian eras, and ranging from sexy to erotic. With a bit of Australia thrown in.

I now live in a sunny part of Australia after spending many years in developing countries in the South Pacific. My greatest loves are traveling, anywhere and everywhere, meeting crazy characters, and visiting the Australian outback. I adore history, especially the many-layered society of the late Regency to early Victorian eras.

My titled heroes and heroines live a privileged life in and around London, but my stories also dig deeper into the grittier and seamier levels of British life. I love heroes and heroines who challenge traditional manners, morals, and occupations, either through necessity or desire.

I hope my romances bring history alive for you and that you have fun alongside my roguish heroes and feisty heroines.

Tag Line- Making history fun, one year at a time


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 “Uh, uh,” he said, wagging a finger. “You misunderstand the reasons for my happier expression. Unlike you, I’m looking forward to the next three months and the chance to study your fiscal strategies. I’d like to compare my investing skills to those of your astute sister’s.”

His mouth widened into a roguish grin. “I’m also flattered by your scrutiny of my anatomy and amused by your blush, especially after your studies into animal reproduction.”

Her free hand flew to her cheek and her heavy reticule knocked her arm. “I never blush.” To have him observe her ogle him was embarrassing and gave her another reason to be irritated by his company, petty though her reasons might be. She tugged, but her hand was imprisoned under his. With her nose raised a fraction, she said, “For the sake of propriety, I was ensuring your garments were intact. You’ve a reputation for disappearing into dark corners and re-emerging with your clothing askew. As though hasty hands ripped your garments from your body.”

“Tut, tut, my pet. Has jealousy driven you to spying?”

“Jealousy? Over the class of females you consort with? I was reassuring myself your clothing was intact for the sake of my elderly aunt. The entire congregation watched that woman, the Countess, beckon you to the back of the church. Heaven knows what you were doing while the bride and groom were signing the register.”

Winchester chuckled, long and low. “I doubt even my sullied reputation could support the story that I dragged the Countess into a shadowy niche for a quick tumble. At least, not with my sisters watching me like hawks.” He dipped his head closer. “I may excel at dispensing pleasure, but I like more than a few minutes to enjoy a rendezvous.”

She forced herself to stand motionless, to not react to his latest coarse taunt. “I’ve no interest,” she said, between calming breaths, “in knowing any details of how you entertain–”

Louder noises erupted from the street.

“Oh, dear. Their carriage is slowing again,” her Aunt Aggie announced from her loftier position. “Becca’s quite likely to have drawn up another list of instructions for you, Laura.”

Laura moaned. “I hope not. She’s already left enough lists to paper my bedroom walls.”

Lottie, the optimist, said, “Perhaps they simply forgot something vital in their packing.”

Sherwyn’s younger brother jogged past. “I’ll see what’s delaying them.”

As they watched Brian lope down the road, Laura took advantage of Winchester’s distraction to tug her arm free. “It’s your fault they’ve stopped.”

He growled and threw up his hands. “How can the coach stopping be my fault?”

“You were supposed to use your notorious powers of persuasion for something besides seduction.” She poked his chest. “To convince Becca you held uttermost confidence in my ability to manage in her absence.”

“As of an hour ago, we became related by marriage. And despite what you think of me or how I live my life, I take familial duties seriously. If we do discover a new stock syndicate is being formed by Lady Hetherington, I’m far better qualified to deal with her than you are.”

“And as I’ve informed my siblings, I’m quite capable of organizing our affairs. Without the meddling of a condescending—”

“Laura,” Aunt Aggie said. “Remember your surroundings.” Her hissed reprimand echoed down the steps. “Refrain from such disrespect. The Earl’s offer is extremely kind. Apologize, and accept his assistance. With grace.”

Winchester smirked and made a great show of bending closer, to better hear her apology.

“I’d rather be boiled in oil than—” Gloved fingers pressed against her lips.

From the steps above, Laura heard Aunt Aggie clucking, her favorite way of expressing her disappointment in the behavior of her great nieces.

“I wouldn’t continue, if I were you.” The Earl leaned in and spoke in a whisper. “Brian is arguing with the honeymoon couple. Most likely convincing them all is well. Urging them to continue their journey. And your sister, who’s as stubborn as you—”

She nipped the closest finger to her teeth.

He yanked back his hand, and with his head bowed muttered, “Bloody hell.” Then the dreadful man met her gaze and gave a slow grin. “Sorry.” He held out his finger. “Russian leather. No blood. Better luck next time.”

Clamping her mouth shut, Laura faced the road, raised her hand and waved. “The coachman is rousing the horses again. Everyone,” she said, forcing another smile into her stiff cheeks, “keep waving.” Even to her own ears, her voice sounded strident and strained. Over her shoulder, she spoke to Winchester in her most commanding tone. “There’ll not be a next time for us. As soon as they’re out of our sight, you’ll remove yourself from my presence.” 

His sigh whispered across the nape of her neck, lifted the fine hairs there, and sent a small shiver across her shoulders. For an idle moment, she savored the warm brush of air and imagined the same heat caressing other areas of bared flesh.

“... in the short term, my promise stands. Until Sherwyn returns, the smooth running of the Jamison household is my responsibility.”

She shook her head and reeled in her wayward thoughts.

“No need,” she said, unclenching her jaw and showing her teeth in a false but placating smile. “I’d be most distressed, kind sir, if you put yourself out on my account. Becca left me a list of instructions as long as my arm on which shares to buy and sell, and how to deliver my orders to our Stock Exchange agents. To excel at my duties, I need only follow each and every step. Rather like climbing a ladder.”

“People have been known to tumble from ladders. Land in the wrong place.”

She narrowed her gaze at him. “Very true. But for all I know, aligning myself with you may land me in deep water. How do I know you’re trustworthy? You could be copying those scoundrels Becca had imprisoned. Snaking into our household to steal our secrets.”

She’d tried to appear apprehensive, but when his jaw went slack with shock, she couldn’t stop help but chuckled.

He waggled a finger. “You, pixie, are provoking me. Deliberately.”

“Do, please, stop calling me such a childish name. If you haven’t noticed, I became a woman several years ago.”

His gaze flicked over her body, scorched where it touched and left her tingling in its wake. “Trust me, Laura, I’d noticed.”





  1. Iris, thanks so much for having me here and letting me talk about my favorite subjects, and I don't only mean Keanu Reeves. Grin.

    1. Hope you'll come again soon to tell us more about Keanu ;-) ... AND of course your next book!

  2. You met Keanu Reeves?? Now I'm really jealous! Love your work, btw ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Juanita!! :-)
      I'm a bit envious re Keanu as well. Hoping to have her back soon with more stories :-D

  3. And ladies, I'd love to come back and talk more about the inspiration for most of my heroes, tall, dark-haired, sexy dark eyes, and a delicious grin....sigh. Now I need to have more one on ones with Keanu so I can refresh my memory before writing every book.

  4. Hi Suzi,
    You make me want to visit the Outback more than I already did. Scenting Scandal sounds like a great read. I do enjoy a historical romance.

    1. thanks for stopping by, Morgan. Yes, the Outback is indeed a very interesting place to see!

  5. Morgan,
    The outback is an awesome place to visit. So many different landscapes with fauna and flora not seen anywhere else. You should definitely go and take a look.