The idea behind "FRESH BEGINNINGS"

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While Tuesday Tales are on a summer break, I take the opportunity to tell you a bit about FRESH BEGINNINGS, which is going to be released "today" US time, "tomorrow" Australian time.
Fresh Beginnings is the third book in the Beginnings series and takes Jared to the US, where he travels through five states in a motorhome.
Where did I come up with the idea?
My husband and I took our daughters to the US last year, and we did exactly that. We hired a motorhome and drove wherever the road took us -  Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, north into Utah (crossing the Colorado River!), Salt Lake City, Boise, then back to the west to Oregon, the beautiful town of Sister(s), Crater Lake, where my girls experienced snow for the first time, seeing the F15 Jets in Klamath Falls (those who know me know I love airplanes), across the mountains (more snow storms) to the coast and then south to San Francisco, Yosemite and back to LA.
It was amazing!
We've got lots of wonderful memories and as we prepared our photo album we got side-tracked so easily by "Can you remember when we went to ....".
So basically, "Fresh Beginnings" is a romance story written "around" our itinerary.
I hope you will like the story.
Here some photos from our travels, which you will quite possibly recognise in the story again.
Grand Canyon - Impressive!

Temple in Salt Lake City.

Driving from East to West Oregon. Interesting to say the least.
Bench at a RV Park near Sisters/Bend. Loved that place. Loved the bench
Information Centre at Crater Lake. And yes, we did have to use the tunnel, due to approx. two meters of snow. Walking through "the tunnel" was eerie.
Fighter Jets at Klamath Falls. Woohoo that was one crazy experience.
Snow storm in Oregon on our way to the coast.
Yeah !!!!
Great "zoo" in Oregon.
One mysterious Building in Eureka.
Northern California Coast.
Little treat near the caravan park close to Monterey - A car race track! Laguna Seca
Big Sur.

It's so windy at the coast, the trees/bushes have no chance to grow "straight up".



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