May I introduce: Kathy Bosman "His Halloween Kisses"

His Halloween Kisses
by Kathy Bosman

My guest today is fellow Astraea Press Kathy Bosman, who has just released her latest book "His Halloween Kisses". The obvious question for me was about a Halloween tradition in South Africa.
1 - I love the blurb. How did you come up with the idea for "His Halloween Kisses"
The idea partly sprang from my own experience house-sitting. I also wanted to explore the idea of kissing a stranger and a relationship developing from there.

2 - Tell us a bit about Halloween in South Africa
We don't celebrate Halloween much here yet. Because of high crime, we don't do trick or treating. No one wants their kids to stop off at strangers' houses to ask for treats. I was very disappointed this year that there weren't any decorations or special Halloween treats in any of the shops at all. Last year, there was quite a bit so I thought it was starting to happen. Seems not. It's more popular in the big cities as they decorate their homes and have parties.

3 - Tell us a bit about your current project.
I've just started a book which will be the first part of a four-book series called The Album. Ella inherits a magic antique album from her great-uncle. It has the ability to show the future life of a couple - lights up with images of them together and how their relationship will turn out. For matchmaker, Ella, it's a true gift, but she's also resistant to love in her own life. She has three close friends, Pauline, Carol and Andrea who each take turns to use The Album. The subsequent books are their stories. Each one is mostly how they find love while using The Album as a matchmaking tool.


Ali’s never been so scared. She’s housesitting for a colleague on Halloween night, but the lights have gone out, and terrible noises and crashes send her imagination into overdrive. When her brother’s friend comes to her rescue, he kisses her in the dark three times. Once back in the light, Ali is embarrassed at allowing him to kiss her. Byron tries to ignore his strong attraction for Ali, especially seeing he’s not ready for a relationship. When Ali finds out why, she runs away, but life has other plans. What can bring them together? Fate, faith, or the memory of his Halloween kisses?


Kathy loves reading and writing even more. She homeschools her three kids, so in between unsuccessfully explaining the difference between subject and predicate or how to divide fractions, she enters an imaginary world of troubled and passionate characters whose stories take over the page. Kathy lives in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, where the summers are hot, the winters cool, and bugs thrive. Her first published novel, Wedding Gown Girl, came out in 2012 with Astraea Press. She belongs to the Romance Writers of South Africa Group (ROSA) which has been her greatest support and inspiration the last few years. 

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 “I’m not scared anymore,” she added quickly. He must think her an utter blow-over.

“I’m glad.” He rubbed her arm, and she so longed to receive a hug from him, take in his shape and drink in his warmth. He seemed easy to talk to, like the suffocating loneliness had leaked away for a brief moment. She hadn’t realized how lonely she’d been the last few months until now.

They sat silent for several minutes.

The wind creaked the windows, and another sound of something falling echoed from down the passage.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know.” She laughed. “Somehow it seems less scary with you around.”

“Sounds scary to me. I’m going to investigate.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Then I’m taking you home.”

Her face heated. Taking her home as his girlfriend?

“But before I do that…” He found her face with his hands and pressed his warm lips against hers. “I’ve wanted to do that for the last five minutes.”

“What about…?” He silenced her with his mouth, and she sank into him as he pulled her close in an embrace.

He jerked away, leaving her empty-handed and frustrated.

“I’m sorry. I’m being a total louse. I don’t know what’s got into me. If Simon knew how I was looking after his sister… I think kissing you seems to get my mind off all the horrible things like noises in this creepy house and work stresses.”

“Me too.”


  1. Thank you for hosting me, Iris!! Great interview.

  2. Oh just by the way, I found some Halloween goodies at CNA on the weekend. Too late by then.