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 Happy "Book Hook" Day
I thought I post a few hooks of "Love Will Find You",
 the first book in the Australian Sports Stars series,
which is currently still free on Amazon.
"Love Will Find You" is set in Australia, a small coastal town in
 New South Wales as well as in Melbourne.

I hope you get hooked by this Snippet
After his father’s heart attack, Australian Football League player Tyson Gaspaldi takes his parents on holiday to a small place at the New South Wales coast.
One morning, following a surfing session, he comes across a crying woman on the beach. Everything about her intrigues him, and he can’t walk away. She’s not only sexy and humble, but, as he soon finds out, vulnerable as well.
It’s only been a few months since Katie Cassidy lost her sister in a car accident.
Still overwhelmed by the loss, a chance encounter on the beach with an attractive stranger awakens unexpected emotions inside her. She’s instantly drawn to his caring nature, but also his looks.
However, Tyson’s past quickly catches up with them, causing Katie’s childhood demons to return, and the road to romance becomes anything but smooth.
Today's hook :-)
“Are you okay?” he asked, scratching his head.
Her mouth curved into a tentative smile. “Yes, I am.”
He frowned. “Was that sarcasm in response to a stupid question?”
“Yes, it was.”
Damn, she had a gorgeous smile that made his stomach tighten. She didn’t offer more. After a brief, but silent moment, he offered her his hand. “Tyson.”
She ignored his hand. “Nice meeting you, Tyson.”
He chuckled. “This is where you tell me your name.”
She let out a sigh as she looked away from him. It was a fine line he was walking. He was well aware of it. More than anything else, he wanted to help her. It was in his nature. She was hurt, and it seemed she was alone as well.
“Apologies, I didn’t mean to come on to you. But I’ve never been good with going past a girl who cries.”
“Does that happen often?” she asked as she turned back to him.
“Actually, no.” He laughed. “Only with my little niece.”
A tiny smile appeared on her face. “How old is she?”
Raising an eyebrow, he asked, “My niece? Turned four just a few days ago.”
She stared at him as he waited for her next question. Yet, it never came.
“I’m kinda getting cold here,” he said after a long moment. “Could I invite you for a coffee or tea?”
“No, but thank you for the offer. And thank you for caring.”
“Will you be here again tomorrow?”
A small sigh escaped her lips, and she shrugged slightly.
“Not sure.” He nodded and stood.
“It’s Katie,” she said as she stood as well. Ty’s heart skipped a beat. “Nice meeting you, Katie.”
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4 Stars:
I really enjoyed this book. The main characters popped off the pages right from the start and the author sprinkled a fun and quirky set of secondary characters throughout.  
4 Stars: 
If you’re looking for a character-led romantic read with realistic emotion, then I can definitely recommend Love Will Find You.


  1. “Was that sarcasm in response to a stupid question?”
    “Yes, it was.”
    I think these two are going to get along just fine.