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I continue with  Rachel's story. I introduced her in "I think I love you", the third book in the "Australian Sports Stars Series". She's Sarah's sister.
Today's prompt is a picture prompt. 

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The GPS lady in Matiu Afoa’s car had as little of a clue as he did about the directions and after only half an hour he was still on the western side of Melbourne instead of the city. The explanation was a simple as Rachel was on his mind. He replayed the phone conversation over and over again. It was clear something must’ve upset her, because the reverse call was a silly excuse to call her back and she’d never picked up on it.
“Shit,” he shouted as he pressed the speed dial button on his phone, remembering he’d never left a note for his friend.
"Mate, where are you?” Oliver asked.
"I have no idea. Near a big park. Looks pretty with the tree alongside the walking tracks. Had no idea Melbourne had all these deciduous trees—”
“The lovely GPS lady took me on a tourist tour first it seems. I thought I have a coffee and reboot her.”
"Sounds like a plan.”
Mat noticed the frustration in his friend’s voice. "You're obviously home. You forgot your phone this morning.”
There was a groan on the other end of the line. And a smile twitched at Mat's lips. "Your girlfriend rang.”
"What the hell are you talking about?”
Mat’s laughter echoed in the small car as he turned off the engine and got out. With a few long strides, he headed towards the caf√©. "Does Tam know about her?”
“You start any rumours and I will kill you.”
Stepping inside, Mat replied. “In all seriousness, mate, your friend Rachel was desperate to talk to you. You'd better give her a call.”
"What did she say?”
Mat held his phone away for a moment, smiled at the young woman behind the counter, and ordered his coffee.
''You’re still there?’
''It's rude to talk on the phone which talking to someone else.” Oliver's resigned sigh gave him another chuckle. “Mate, it was more what she didn't say.”

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  1. Now, I'm even more intrigued. Good one.

  2. I love that last line! And yes, I'm totally intrigued now, too. What didn't she say?

  3. Love the way you used the prompt and I agree about the phone. Drives me crazy when the person on the phone is more important than the one across from you. :)

    1. It was a bit of a challenge, but I got there :-) Thanks Jillian.

  4. Great snippet and love that last line!

  5. Now I'm REALLY curious! I can't wait to read more.
    And yes, great way to use the prompt!

  6. Ditto on the last line. Love that the GPS is getting him lost too.

    1. Don't trust her ... LOL ... Thanks Joselyn