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Advice is what we ask for when we already 
know the answer, but wish we didn't.”

I am a big fan of Miss Blobel's work. I love her characters and get so into their lives and how that comes together and culminates in the end. I loved Flynn and his apprehension about having to be a new Dad to a child he had never met. Emma's involvement and her torment of having to chose the right man. Jack's dormant abusive behavior and Teresa indifference to Nadine, who by the way was a very endearing child. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Kudos to its author!!
I loved the storyline of this book and really felt for the characters. Couldn't put it down which doesn't happen very often.
"Innocent Tears" by Iris Blobel was a wonderful well written novel that once you start reading it will be hard to put down. Definitely the 'six year old girl' Nadine stole this novel for me in her first appearance in the read. "When six year old Nadine peers over the reception counter of a big city hotel and tells the receptionist,My mum's dead, the reader's attention is immediately gained." Nadine's grandparents had been taking care of her but now wanted to give her to her biological father, Flynn who was a business lawyer in Melbourne and didn't know of his daughters' existence. Be ready for a lots of drama to come from all of this situation. The characters Emma, Flynn, Nadine, the grandparents and Jack are all well developed and colorful , and really comes to life giving you a well written storyline. This author really keeps the reader guessing about the romance between Flynn and Emma and you will see how this love story is between a man and his daughter will finally blossom all in this good read. Would I recommend this read? YES!

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Becoming a parent can be daunting at the best of times, but for Flynn, a business lawyer in Melbourne, it almost pulls the feet from right underneath him. He’s become a father to six-year-old Nadine literally overnight! He had no idea about her existence, and the news throws him into chaos, even more so when he is asked to take over custody.

With the help of Emma, an employee at the hotel where Nadine and her grandparents are staying, and his parents, Flynn tries to do the right thing. Yet, the right thing in his eyes differs from his parents’, and Emma is voicing her opinion as well. And right in the middle is little Nadine, still grieving the loss of her mother and finding a wonderful friend in Emma. There’s no doubt she’s afraid where and with whom she will settle.

But in the end, it’s a letter Flynn receives that helps him figuring out what to do.

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