Jill Shalvis - Instant Temptation (Wilder #3)

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Publisher: Kensington Brava
ISBN 978-0758231284

My rating: 3/5

T.J. Wilder is the perfect package of breathtaking adventure and raw sex appeal. Even better, he’s about to reconnect with the one woman he’s never been able to forget…
Get Your Pulse Racing
To Harley, the landscape around Wishful, California, is exhilarating, untamed, and more than a little dangerous. The same could be said for T.J. Wilder, who’s invited himself along on her trek to study a rare coyote. Harley’s career is riding on this trip, and she doesn’t need a stubborn, incredibly sexy distraction. But T.J. is a professional guide who knows when to stay back and when to provide invaluable expertise-just like he’s done since they were in high school. And Harley, as usual, is torn between throttling him and giving in to the raw attraction that’s been smoldering all these years.
T.J. knows how proud and capable Harley is, but he’s damned sure not letting her put herself at risk when there are illegal hunters in the area. She needs him, with the same soul-stirring urgency that he’s always craved her. And here, in this beautiful place days from civilization, he’ll finally have a chance to prove it-over and over again… (

And another one finished in my "Jill'athon" summer .... I'm running out of books, Jill better hurry!

OK, this one was the last one of the Wilder series, and I have to admit, it didn't really rock my world, like Shalvis' books usually do. It's more or less character based and I found it very hard to pick up the book and keep reading, even with the humour and wit in it - it didn't really do it for me. But, don't tell Jill, because, she's sooooo my favourite author!!!

Anyway, Harley and the eldest Wilder boy, TJ, share a history from quite a few years back. Problem is though, he can't remember, and now she avoids him like .... she can't really avoid him and whenever he's close she basically forgets that she wants to be angry with him and wants nothing to do with him.

As I said, I missed a bit more action, and more of the Shalvis humour, but compared with what else is on the market at the moment, still a damn good read ;-)

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