May I introduce - Lisa Orchard

It's an absolute pleasure to let you all know about the Lisa Orchard's latest release "The Super Spies and the Pied Piper"

My daughter reads A LOT, and I find it hard to keep up finding new books for her. I hesitantly gave her Lisa's first book a few weeks back and it was only a day or two later that she excitedly told me all about it and how much she had loved it!

Then I gave her book number two! Same result.

Imagine her joy when I told her book number three has been released!

According to my girl - it's a must read series! So please do check them out.

PS - And don't forget to check out  Lisa's very popular guest blog on Four Foxes, One Hound as well :-)

Sarah Cole and her sister Lacey are at it once again when they learn their missing parents’ cell phone has been traced to Alden, Michigan. When the FBI declines to continue the investigation, Sarah takes matters into her own hands. She calls upon the Super Spies and they delve into the situation. Suddenly, the teens find themselves immersed in small town intrigue and mystery involving a menacing stranger, who Sarah dubs “The Stalker." But when Sarah learns he’s connected to her parents’ disappearance, she’s determined to find out what that connection is. The Super Spies embark on a journey that leads them into a web of corporate corruption at its highest level that leaves innocent victims in its wake. Can they find the proof they need to stop the greedy corporation before it’s too late?

Chapter One

“What do you mean you lost them?” Sarah Cole fidgeted as she waited for Agent Gray to answer. I can’t believe it! He lost the only clue to our parents’ location. What is wrong with this picture? Agitated, Sarah shifted in her seat and chewed on her lip. She was uncomfortable in the folding chair and rearranged her petite frame so she wouldn’t feel the cold metal against her bare legs. Shivering, she glanced around the all-too-familiar room.
The gray cement block walls no longer gave her that creepy, closed-in feeling she’d used to get when she first came to the interrogation rooms. She remembered the first time she’d been in that tiny space. It had been the day she’d discovered the Cat Lady’s dead body. Sarah shuddered at the memory and then smiled when she remembered forming the Super Spies and bringing the Cat Lady Killer to justice. Glancing around the room again, she realized she’d been in this room quite a bit these last few weeks, not only during the Cat Lady investigation, but the High School Bomber investigation as well. Shivering again, Sarah rubbed her arms but she really wasn’t cold. Her mind filled with the image of the bomber the Super Spies had helped apprehend just a week earlier.

Wow! Was it just last week?

She tugged at a lock of her honey colored hair, then brushed it away with an impatient hand. She sighed and glanced at her younger sister. Lacey sat beside her with her legs crossed, jiggling her foot at such a rapid rate it seemed like her whole body was electrified. She caught Sarah’s eye and for a moment her eyes glittered like emeralds before she shifted her gaze to Aunt June, who had placed her hand on Lacey’s leg in what appeared to be an attempt to quiet her. Sarah shifted in her chair and sighed again. Are we ever going to find Mom and Dad?

A commotion out in the hall drew everyone’s attention. Sarah leaned forward

and craned her neck to see what was happening.

“Chief, we’ve got an OD!” An officer yelled.

“What?” Chief Johnson yelled as he rushed by. “An OD on what? Give me the details.”

“The parents found their son unconscious in his room this morning, and an empty bottle of prescription medication on his bedside table.”

“What was it?” Chief Johnson asked.

“It’s Myodine.”

“Who makes it?”

“Ah… Piper Drugs.”

“Call Poison Control with the name and manufacturer and ask them what to do about an overdose. Instruct the parents to get their son to the hospital pronto,” Chief Johnson ordered.

“They’ve brought him here.”

“What?” Chief Johnson exclaimed.

The sound of policemen rushing through the hall pulled Sarah and her sister out of their seats. They hurried to the door, unable to stifle their curiosity. Peering down the corridor, Sarah caught a glimpse of a young man sagging between two officers as they desperately tried to keep him on his feet. One officer gently slapped his face while the other officers held him up. The young man blinked and then gagged, puking on the officer in front of him.

The rancid stench of fresh vomit filled the air. While plugging her nose, Sarah ducked back inside the interrogation room, followed by her sister. Sarah closed the door, hoping it would keep the smell from penetrating the room.

“Did you hear that, Lace? Piper Drugs! That’s the company Dad works for,” Sarah whispered in her sister’s ear before proceeding back to her seat.

Lacey opened her mouth to speak, but closed it when Agent Gray cleared his

throat and motioned for them to sit down.

He continued his conversation as if they hadn’t been interrupted. We were on our way to the location of the ping… but before we got there it disappeared.”

“So, what does that mean? Did you find our parents or what?” Sarah blurted out as she sat down. She stared into Agent Gray’s icy blue eyes, trying to read his mind.

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Lisa Orchard grew up loving books. She was hooked on mysteries by the fifth grade and even wrote a few of her own. She knew she wanted to be a writer even then. "The Super Spies and the High School Bomber" is the second book in the "Super Spies" series. Her first book was published in March of 2012 and it has received rave reviews.
After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Marketing Degree she spent many years in the insurance industry, pining to express her creative side. The decision to stay home with her children gave her the opportunity to follow her dream and become a writer. She currently resides in Rockfordhusband, Steve, and two wonderful boys. Currently, she's working on the third novel that stars the same quirky teens. When she's not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, running, hiking, and reading.

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Jean C. Joachim - Now and Forever: Callie's Story

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

ISBN: n.a.

My rating 4/5

Callie Richards led the life of a typical teenager until tragedy turned her world upside down. Rootless and lonely, she wanders into the life of Kyle Maine, a handsome young man three years her senior, who befriends her.

Over time, their friendship grows into love. Through the years, their devotion continues unabated through challenges and good times as she attends college and he raises his younger brother then Kyle makes an unexpected choice. This emotional and sensuous story of true love is the prequel to Now and Forever 1, a Love Story (published by Secret Cravings Publishing.)

My thoughts

This is a free read from Secret Cravings Publishing  and is an in-between book in the Now and Forever series.

It's short, fast paced, but still was able to make me hold back a tear at the end. Joachim doesn't disappoint, she's a wonderful writer.

If you haven't read any books by Jean Joachim, grab the opportunity for this free read to find out what you've missed so far. And check out Tuesday Tales every week, to read more of Joachim's storie written to a prompt.

Elise K. Ackers - Ask Me To Stay: A Homeland Book

Publisher: Destiny Romance, Penguin Group Australia

ISBN: 9781742536118

My rating: 4/5

"When family tragedy brings bad boy Ethan Foster home, he doesn't expect a warm welcome. In the small town of Hinterdown reputation is everything - and Ethan's was ruined long ago. Nobody wants him around, particularly not Sam O'Hara, the girl he left behind.
There's still a powerful spark between them, but Sam is afraid to risk her heart again. And Ethan is hiding a secret that will have repercussions for his whole family. Will the townspeople ever forgive him? More importantly, will those he loves the most find it in their hearts to take him back?
This tender tale of love and redemption is the first in a brilliant new series by Elise K. Ackers, author of Small Town Storm and the bestselling The Man Plan." (

My thoughts

I loved it from the very first page.

Two years after his parents' death, Ethan leaves Hinterdown and only returns for special and big occasions. This time is different. When he comes to Hinterdown for his sister-in-law's funeral, he's in no rush to leave.

It's a short story, but I really enjoyed it. The ending seemed a bit rushed, IMHO.

I liked Ethan, liked his interaction with his niece and nephew, and I liked the other characters. The "mystery" about his reasons why he was never able to stay in Hinterdown is reasonable and keeps the reader guessing til the very end.

Can't wait for the next book in this series.

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Jill Shalvis - Aussie Rules

Publisher: Kensington

ISBN: 9780758211392

My rating: 3/5

Mel is busy trying to keep her life together when Bo Black enters the picture. Dashing, mysterious and enticing, Bo instantly captivates her. Luckily she resists her urges long enough to realize that Bo is really there to take back ownership of the airport Mel has worked so hard to maintain. Bo also finds himself undeniably drawn to Mel while at the same time determined to remove her from "his" airport, if he can only stop getting distracted. (

My thoughts

It ain't Lucky Harbor!
Let's say I liked it, but didn't love it as much as the Lucky Harbor novels, and comparing isn't really fair, I know.
Bo was no Ty, Mel no Mallory!

Mel, with the help of her crew, has been running the North Beach airport for the last ten years, when her mentor and role model, Sally, disappeared. Then Bo arrives from Australia, claiming the airport is his.

Jill Shalvis' wit shines through, and her ability to put emotions so wonderfully into words. But the story was no pageturner for me. I would've probably liked to have read more about the "mystery" (Bo's accusation that Sally's a fraud) and less sex.

But .... only days until the next Lucky Harbor ..... :-)

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Kristan Higgins - The Best Man

Publisher: Harlequin HQN

ISBN:  978-0-373-777921-0
My Rating: n.a.

Sometimes the best man is the one you least expect.
…Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she's ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family's vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there's some great scenery there….

Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief—and best friend of her former fiancĂ©. There's a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it's not just those deep green eyes. The only catch is she's having a hard time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago. If she can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosĂ©, she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heron, and finish that walk down the aisle.

My thoughts

It wasn't really my cup of tea. The story in itself was ok'ish, but I couldn't really warm up to the characters at all, as well as the intended humour.


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May I introduce - Felicia Rogers


Felicia Rogers

Felicia Rogers is an author of six novels and three novellas. When she's not writing, Felicia volunteers with the Girl Scouts of America, teaches at a local homeschooling group, hikes, and spends time with her family.

To find out more information about Felicia Rogers visit the sites below. She loves hearing from readers.


Beyond A Doubt, The Renaissance Hearts Series, Book Four
The end is finally here…

The final chapter has been written for The Renaissance Hearts Series. What began with Sarra and Cedric in There Your Heart Will Be Also concludes with Bryce and Lucy in Beyond A Doubt. Set in the turbulent times of Mary I of England, or Bloody Mary, and Henry II of France, the fight for religious freedom abounds. Intrigue, loss of property, and loss of life rule the day. Follow the epic ending of a family’s struggle.

Buy it Now on Amazon:
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Bryce Cameron is finally going home. Years spent away have him longing for the craggy landscapes from his childhood.

Lucy Lombard is on a mission. The mantel she carries was never meant for her possession yet it has been passed to her anyway. Alone and in danger, Lucy stumbles onto her greatest find.

Rescuing Bryce is either a blessing or a curse but regardless time is running out. With Bryce's help can Lucy fulfill her mission or will she be too late?



See what others have said about the Renaissance Hearts Series.

I really enjoyed this book. I do not typically favor historical romance, but the romance was not too mushy, and the historical was not too heavy! This was an enjoyable, delightful read!!!.” Taken from Rachel’s Amazon review on There Your Heart Will Be Also, Book One.

If you are in for a good mystery with plenty of adventure, suspense & romance, you have come to the right place for this recommended novel because "By God's Grace" will give it all to you.” Taken from Arlena’s Amazon review of By God’s Grace, Book Two.

Okay have to say this is my fav book so far in The Renaissance Heart Series! Felicia Rogers just gets better!” Taken from Danielle William’s Amazon review of Labor of Love, Book Three.


Buy Beyond A Doubt on Amazon:
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Don’t forget the other books in the series. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Astraea Press.

~There Your Heart Will Be Also, Book One

~By God’s Grace, Book Two

~Labor of Love, Book Three


Blog Hop - Rachel Van Dyken Got the Contract


USA Today Bestseller
Historical Romance
Starbucks addict

..... all that comes to mind, but also: one of the nicest person you could know!

So, it's an absolute delight to bring you this post today, to celebrate her ongoing success including her recent contract with
Grand Central Publishing (Hachette)


We're giving away our last shirt for her, we're so proud!

Okay, that's exaggerated, but yes, we're giving away prizes.

Lots of prizes!
I'll be choosing two winners who will each receive one ebook (kindle) from any of the Rachel's ebooks!
And two follow up winners who receive a pdf version of either  of my books "Innocent Tears" or "Journey to Her Dreams"  

Just leave a comment and tell me which is your favourite book by Rachel! Easy, right? Or, if you haven't read one of her books, yet, which might interest you the most.
Be sure to check out all the other great blogs on the hop! You can either click here to return to the list of blogs on the hop, or scroll down and click on a link from the list.

Let's give Rachel a big Party!

33. Christina Cole - Historical Romance
34. Karen King
35. Vivian Roycroft
36. Cheryl Kay

Lee Child - One Shot (Reacher #9)

Publisher: Bantam Books

ISBN: 9780440423010

My rating: 4.5/5

Jack Reacher is working on his tan with a Norwegian blonde on the beach in Miami. The weather is hot and he is so cool you could skate on him. But he doesn’t like to stick around. He likes to be on the move. He was in the machine his whole life. Then the machine coughed and spat him out. Now he takes it easy. He’s not looking for trouble. But sometimes trouble looks for Reacher.
A lone gunman hides in a parking garage and shoots into a crowd in a public plaza in a small Indiana city. Five random people die in a senseless massacre. The shooter leaves a perfect trail behind him and the police quickly track him down. His name is James Barr. It’s a watertight case. After his arrest, James Barr refuses to talk. Then, to his lawyer, he utters a single phrase: “Get Jack Reacher for me.” But Reacher’s already on his way. What could connect this obvious psychopath with our wandering ex-army cop?
By the time Reacher hits town, Barr’s been beaten badly enough to forget everything about the day in question. So Reacher begins to piece together the wealth of evidence; he does the math and comes to a few conclusions of his own. (

My thoughts

What can I say .... I admit, I saw the movie on the flight back to Australia. I succumbed. *sigh*

So #9 was on top of my TBR list when I got home and I hesitated not wanting to read it, because the previous story had been confusing and I didn't like the movie at all.

Thank goodness I like routine; I picked up the book on the top and started reading. I struggled through the first few pages, because I couldn't get rid of the image of Tom Cruise's face in my head. Frustrating! But then, it was page after page after page ... and quite a few early mornings.

The story starts when a sniper shoots five random people. With forensic evidence so obvious, it's within a very short time that police arrest James Barr. He's silent only requesting for them to get Jack Reacher.

It's a great book, it's interesting, fast paced and very intricate with all the characters, yet easy to follow. The plot is slightly far fetched, but hey, it's a fiction book! All characters clear and well developed.

Okay - here my two cents about the movie. Having worked in the film industry (though only for a brief period of time) I am aware that a script needs to be cut down, but this one was cut way too much - in the end nothing, or little, made sense. I've heard Tom Cruise took on the role because it was his company producing the movie. Shame on him to be selfish and ruining the movie and any further movies. This movie deserved better! *rant off*

My trip to the US in photos

So the story is ....
Four weeks traveling the USA.
 We loved it.
 Here a few photos to share my newly found love for the US.

This is only a very small fraction of our photos - but I hope you'll enjoy them.
 And by all means, feel free to comment. I always love reading them!

 Disney Land - Of course! For the girls.
Matt Goss in Las Vegas! 

Grand Canyon - Impressive!

Temple in Salt Lake City.

Driving from East to West Oregon. Interesting to say the least.

Bench at a RV Park near Sisters/Bend. Loved that place. Loved the bench.

Information Centre at Crater Lake. And yes, we did have to use the tunnel, due to approx. two meters of snow. Walking through "the tunnel" was eerie. Girls loved the snow fight. Their first time ever to experience snow.

 Fighter Jets at Klamath Falls. Woohoo that was one crazy experience.
Snow storm in Oregon on our way to the coast.

Yeah !!!!

Great "zoo" in Oregon.

"Mystery Trails" at the norther Californian Coast. Going up the mountain in a Cable Car. Eeek!

One mysterious Building in Eureka.
The Carson Mansion is a large Victorian house located in Old Town, Eureka, California. Regarded as one of the highest executions of American Queen Anne Style architecture, the home is "considered the most grand Victorian home in America." It is one of the most written about and photographed Victorian houses in California, and perhaps, in the United States. Originally the home of one of Northern California's first major lumber barons, it has housed the Ingomar Club, a private members-only club, since 1950. Although the front and south-side elevations may be viewed easily from the public street and sidewalk, the home and grounds are never open to the general public.
Northern California Coast.

The amazing Golden Gate Bridge!

 photo DSCF1502.jpg
The stunning Yosemite!
 photo DSCF1522.jpg
With little Squirrels everywhere!

Little treat near the caravan park close to Monterey - A car race track! Laguna Seca 
Love the police cars over there :-)

Big Sur.
It's so windy at the coast, the trees/bushes have no chance to grow "straight up".
According to Hubby - one VERY expensive car.
Four Weeks in the US coming to an End.
I loved it.
There are heaps of people to thank and if I started I'd only forget someone
Thanks to Marisa Babjak, my wonderful friend who was more than generous her time and presents - the girls love you!
Thanks to fellow Astraea Press author, the wonderful Leah Sanders. 
Thanks to all we met during our travels, to those who helped us, talked to us and those who just in a very friendly manner smiled at us.