NEW RELEASE by Ressa Empbra - Caught in the Dragon Cove

~The Dragon Dimension~
Caught in the Dragon Cove
Working for a covert government agency, Iax travels the world—and beyond. She also journeys out of this world to other Realms in various Dimensions, of which only a privileged few know. Her job: Putting a halt to imminent battles and wars—before it’s too late. Finding herself in a heated battle in the Dragon Cove Realm of the Dragon Dimension, Iax assumes the usual; get in, get the job done, get out. Easy-peasy. This mission is like no other, however, as it will change her life in ways she never could have imagined. Get Caught in the Dragon Cove where secrets and tempting passions lurking just out of sight, will be revealed.

Genre classification: Fiction, Science Fantasy.
Title: The Dragon Dimension
Sub-title: Caught in the Dragon Cove
Word Count (includes all front and back matter): 149,806
Format: Kindle only for now.
Warning: There is adult situations and profanity in this book. The Author suggests you be (18) years or older, to read it.
One-sentence quotes from reviews and links to verify:
Review by author Elizabeth: (On Amazon)
“Caught in the Dragon Cove is a wonderful ride from beginning to end, and I cannot wait for the second installment of this fabulous story!”
Review by author J.P. Grider: (On her website)
Ms. Empbra makes the impossible seem possible, and in an ever-increasing market for the paranormal, I see her rising to the top with her characters emerging as the next TV series/movie franchise ensemble.
Review by Jody Cooley: (On Amazon; not by an author, but I still luv it!)
“This story made me laugh, made me cry, and even made me say "oooh girl!!!" a time or two.”
Release details:
Caught in the Dragon Cove is scheduled to release on September 29, 2012.
It was written by Ressa Empbra, and published by Theressa M. Branham. It’s available exclusively on Amazon, for now.

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Stephanie Taylor - The Picture

Publisher: Astraea Press

ISBN: 978-1463512477

My rating: 4.5/5

Sophie lives her life as a hospice nurse running from her past and over-compensating for her sins. She wants nothing more than to help others the way someone once helped her. But she never expected to get so attached to one of her patients.  Nicholas is suddenly looking for more meaning in his life than money, fast women and flashing lights. Life as a rocker has left him empty. Only Emily filled the gaping hole in his heart and with her death, his soul is broken into pieces. When two lives collide, Sophie and Nicholas know they’ll never be the same. Together, they try to figure out a message Emily has left behind. Can they succeed before the realities of life tear them apart?  (

My thoughts
This is a sloooow book. It's the desert for book readers - you indulge into every word and treasure every page you turn. You cry and you sigh, and deep inside you feel really good! Why 4.5 - well, actually, the start was a tiny bit slow :-)

Sophie and Nicholas meet at his party after his concert. He is drawn to her straight away, but Sophie holds back, because she's only come to give him "a picture".

But "fate" has it and they both spend some days in Sophie's apartment. They get to know each other and fall in love. Yet, they know they have to let go of the past for them to be a future together.

If you persist past the first three - four pages you will love this book. It's packed with love, loss and grief and the challenges along the way. It's full of sexual tension, yet clean. You will love little Emily who takes on the battle with cancer like a little trooper, and the way her backstory was woven into the main plot was well done!

If you're looking for a love story with depth and honesty - this one is for you!

Lee Child - Persuader (Reacher #7)

Publisher: Bantam UK

ISBN: 9780553815856

My rating: 3/5

The ultimate loner. An elite ex-military cop who left the service years ago, he’s moved from place to place … without family … without possessions … without commitments. And without fear. Which is good, because trouble—big, violent, complicated trouble—finds Reacher wherever he goes. And when trouble finds him, Reacher does not quit, not once, not ever. But some unfinished business has now found Reacher. And Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business. Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and Francis Xavier Quinn got away with murder. Now a chance encounter outside Boston’s Symphony Hall brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it justice. (

My thoughts

I can without a doubt say that Lee Child is one of my favourite authors, and I look forward to yet another Reacher Novel. Yet, this one was a bit disappointing I have to admit.

First of all, it's written in the "first person" and that threw me a bit. Secondly, the book starts straight with the action of a shooting ... and it took me a while to understand the storyline.

Reacher goes undercover for the police to get to Francis Xavier Quinn - but it's more about revenge for him then helping out.

It was a rather confusing story and I had a hard time to follow, especially with the backstory in between. Love Reacher, but that wasn't one of my favourites.