A few Ramblings just before Christmas

Here's the thing ...

With all this Christmas excitement ... who gets to really sit down and read. Okay, I do, but the book is just dreadful, so two pages at the time is the most I can cope with.

So, I'm dealing with other things, having a big dispute with PayPal, trying to find a agent or publisher for my second book (any recommendations or ideas?), buying Christmas presents for my beautiful family .... and checking out some other blogs - it's a wonderful world and it's a shame that my daily life leaves me so little time to read more. You're all doing a great job!

If you're guys find a minute or two, check out these sites:

Tara's having a competition, if you like music (like I do) you should have a look here to win "a 5 page (1250 word) crit" - and don't we all just like to win this prize. Good luck to all who will take part!

Maria's just posted this really, really delicious looking Beef Stew which is on my list "to do" over the holidays. But she has also posted few good tips regarding writing and posts about books and movies.

Can't forget Sigrid! She's an Editor from Canada with really good tips on editing - check it out, it's well worth it.

Perhaps one day I will get myself organised enough to have a competition as well .... who knows.

Have a wonderful Christmas season everyone!


  1. Well, actually I read throughout the year in the evenings before bed,so I hope you get some reading time in between all those others things you've mentioned. :O)

  2. Hi Madeleine ... I do that too, but at the moment I'm glad when I get to bed with my eyes open I'm so busy :-) .... I converted to audio at the moment, at least I can "read" while cleaning or shopping