Janet Evanovich - Hot Stuff

Publisher: St Martin's Paperback

ISBN: 978-0312531607

My rating:  3/5

Evanovich fans will be delighted with this new novel, co-written with relative up-and-comer Banks. Working her formula to its fullest, Evanovich conjures the large, close, gently eccentric Madigan family that 26-year-old college student Cate calls her own. An aspiring teacher, Cate studies by day and bartends by night, living in the arty South End of Boston with an often-absent drag queen named Marty (Marta) Longfellow. The perfect living arrangement-"a big strong roommate...not interested in women," plenty of alone time and low rent-turns wholly suspicious when Marty disappears, leaving behind a lovable bullmastiff. Cate's sexy love interest, barroom regular Kellen McBride, is an "independent recovery agent" who believes that Marty is responsible for a string of one-of-a-kind jewelry heists; after Marty's place gets tossed, Cate teams up with him to track down the missing Marty before whoever's after him comes after her. Like other Evanovich novels, there's a madcap race to the finish while mysteries are solved and hearts are stolen; also like other Evanovich novels, it makes a highly satisfying read. (

My thoughts

"Hmmm" comes to mind, but I think I will settle with I liked it. It kind of has the first Plum ideas in it even though I shouldn't compare the books or story lines.

I liked Cate and her family which with an Irish background is easy to do. Being the youngest in the family, not only the parents still worry about the mid-twenties Cate, but her brothers as well.

Cate sublets a room from Marty, who seems to be in trouble. Add Kellen McBride who is supposed to investigate, but does not only that, he falls in love with Cate as well. There's also Julie and Sharon, Cate's neighbours and to make the crazy bunch complete - there's Pug, the man Cate's mother had invited to introduce him to Cate as possible "boyfriend" material.

It's an extremely easy read, but quite funny, especially Pug! You've got to like Evanovich's stories otherwise you won't enjoy this one. If you do, give it a try for a nice weekend read with a cup of tea in front of the heater. It's got a few good laughs, a nice love story and a decent plot !!

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