Suzanne Brockmann - Bodyguard

Publisher:   Fawcett (December 7, 1999)

ISBN:  978-0449002568

My rating 2.5/5 


Threatened by underworld boss Michael Trotta, Alessandra Lamont is nearly blown to pieces in a mob hit. The last thing she wants is to put what's left of her life into the hands of the sexy, loose-cannon federal agent who seems to look right through her yet won't let her out of his sight.


FBI agent Harry O'Dell's ex-wife and son were tragic casualties in his ongoing war against organized crime. He'll do whatever it takes to bring Trotta down--even if it means sticking like glue to this blonde bombshell who unwittingly married into the mob. She needs him if she wants to stay alive. But staying alive is nothing next to the explosive attraction that threatens to consume them both--and puts them into the greatest danger of all . . . falling in love

My thoughts

I’ve got to say, trusting my friend who’s given me “Infamous” by Suzanne Brockmann (which I’m still reading) I kind of expected more from this one.

The plot sounded interesting, though overused. The story’s downfall was –in my opinion- the characters, which were boring or in the case of Alessandra plain annoying.

Plot is very simple: Alessandra was married to a Mafia guy who was murdered and now the underworld boss Trotter wants her dead as well. FBI Agent Harry O’Dell is supposed to protect her and falls in love with her at the same time. You get the gist of it.

It was slow and dragging along. The subplot with Harry’s partner George seemed to be a tad more interesting, but in the end couldn’t hold the story.

I’ll give it 3 / 5 because the end was neatly finished with the reason for Trotta’s persistence to have Alessandra killed – not a surprise, but I had no idea.

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