"Sweet Dreams, Miss England" now available as .pdf File

Hello everyone

"Sweet Dreams, Miss England" is now available as a pdf file for only A$1.

Sweet Dreams, Miss England - .pdf

or on Amazon Kindle for 99c ....

What readers said about SDME:

The author's writing style quite surprised me as a debut author. She wrote this story with a fluid, flowing and detailed account of the plot. The narrative, characters, emotions and descriptions of the settings were written in such a seasoned style that her words were conveyed with the ability to form vivid imagery. The relationships between characters profound and meaningful on many levels . I thought that this would be another typical love story and would know the ending, but, the author delivered an unexpected twist which left me with thought provoking questions. (I will not include spoilers in this review). Overall, a very well written novel from a very talented writer. Cheryl 'Mash'

Great story, lovely characters .... Tami

All of the characters are a VERY unique that are possibly people that you know in real life. The overall story (minus the extra back-story) is a story that is very real and very relateable  ...... Jamie

Really enjoyed reading "Sweet Dreams Miss England." I will remember it as being one of my favourite reads of 2009 and I look forward to reading book no. 2. ..... Heather

Hi Iris, Congratulations on your first book.I have just finished it & totally enjoyed it. I certainly didn't expect the ending. Wow, what a ride! I Look forward to the next one. Great job!  .... Suzanne

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