I received "The Versatile Blogger Award" ... Yeah!

Today Meg Mims of Double Crossing Website awarded me with

“The Versatile Blogger Award.”

Thank you so very much. I very much appreciate the "Trophy", especially as I consider myself a rather lazy blogger. So thanks, Meg!!!!!!

Here are the Versatile Blogger Award rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to other, recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

So .... Seven ??? .... Seriously ??? You want to know SEVEN things about me? Yikes!
  1. I was born in Germany and came to Australia quite a few years back. Loving my life here!
  2. I've got two beautiful, beautiful girls who make me complete! Yes I know I do whinge sometimes, but hey, c'est la vie! ... They're two little cuties!
  3. Interesting Fact: Had to leave school after Year 10, as my grades in English and French weren't good enough .... Fancy that, twenty years later I write books in English.
  4. I selfpublished my first book "Sweet Dreams, Miss England". Feedback and reviews have been great, yet I sometimes wish I knew then what I know now about publishing.
  5. My second book "Journey to Her Dreams" will be published with Astraea Press soon .... Can't wait. AP has been a great help, guide and all of the wonderful things you can say about a publisher. I'm really proud being part of their team!
  6. My favourite food is probably Spaghetti's or Fajitas. If I could choose I would probably prefer European Food over anything else.
  7. I will never admit I said it, but yes I'm a "Coca Cola" addict :-(  ......  AND I DO NOT LIKE EATING LAMB!

Now, here are some of the best blogs I’ve discovered this year and I’m awarding each the

Versatile Blogger Award. Before you ask, no, they’re in no particular order:

Lynette Sofras, at Manic Scribbler

Antje, at Cresting the Words

Sheilagh, at Well Read

Lindsay, at Murders & Mysteries

Congratulations! Hope you're enjoying forwarding this "Trophy" as much as I did :-)


  1. Hey Iris!

    Wow. Thank you! This means I go through the same process now? Not sure. I couldn't find any info on this (sorry, I'm horribly ignorant of blog-etiquette and so on). :)

    Antje aka wordsurfer

    P.S: Commenting on your posts is a real pain for technical reasons. Your site never wants to accept my OpenID and it only works after about ten tries. :(

  2. Hallo Antje ... yes just copy the rules and off you go. it's a bit like the "kettenbriefe", nice to be thought of, but a bit of work.

    sorry for the hassles with the comments. it's been like that since blog changed a few mths back. i feel your frustration! feel free to use my email address if you don't get through at all ... sweetdreamsmissengland (at) gmail (dot) com ....

  3. Iris, I'm stunned!
    I was looking for info on your books and came across this page.
    What a lovely idea. I'm also relatively new to blogging but will get the hang of this if you just give me a day or two!
    What a great blog you have - I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find it, but am now off to explore every nook and cranny.
    More from me soon - be sure of that!
    And thank you for the award - it's the first I've ever received!!
    I want to thank my....
    Actually, I'd just like to thank YOU! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts as well, I just wish I had more time to comment more often. Still reading your excerpt of your book. Loving it so far!