James Patterson - Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross #2)

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 978-0446601245

My rating: 4/5

First came the stunning number-one bestseller Along Came a Spider. Now comes the scariest, most unforgettable novel in several years. In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears. Washington D.C.'s Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murder case ever. Two clever pattern killers are collaborating, cooperating, competing—and they are working coast to coast. (

My thoughts

Woohoo, what a page turner. Okay, it did take me a few pages to get into the story, but once I was hooked, I was really reading non-stop. I liked this one much better than "Swimsuit", which I had read recently.

It's a story about two serial killers: Casanova and The Gentleman Caller, both terrorising both US coasts at the same time. When Alex Cross' niece is taken as well, he travels south to North Carolina and investigates as well.

IMHO, this was truly well written; the characters well developed, the setting of the scene brilliantly described, though gruesome at times and explicit in details, Patterson has a skill to keep the reader  on the edge of their seat.

And the ending was a nice surprise as well!

Great Read!!

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