Lindsay Downs - A Collie Rescue & Interview!

Publisher: Astraea Press


My rating: 4/5

Former Army Sergeant Sandi Charleston, diagnosed with PTSD and homeless barely survives day to day. By a miracle of fate, she meets Taz, a uniquely special collie, who helps turn her life around. It's only through him she finds the courage to go head to head with her worst enemy-terrorists bent on mass destruction.

Bound by a special love to help and protect each other, side by side these two unlikely partners willingly march forward into battle. A fight to the death neither is sure can be won, but fighting as one, they will try.

Kidnapped and forced to reveal what she knows, Sandi realizes there is only one individual who can save her. It's not the government, but her new best buddy. Together they defeat the enemy proving once again that battle buddies come in all shapes and breeds.

My thoughts

Dakota's slowly becoming part of my must-read routine, like Rex is to my must-watch TV program - Yet, there's no Dakota in this one ! Very disappointed :-)

Anyway, the good news is, that instead of four or five short stories, Lindsay Downs delivered one novel length story and it's just as fast paced as all of the previous ones. The story is interesting and believable. The dialogue feels real, and the friendship amongst the characters makes you want to be part of it!

Well done. I can't wait for the next one ... in hope Dakota will return ;-)

For all the Dakota fans out there, the beautiful Collie was kind enough to give me a spare 5 mins to answer some of my questions. Thanks Dakota!

Hey, Dakota ... I’ve missed you in this story! What happened?
Dakota: Sorry you missed me, I was back home at Fort Del Gue with Emily. We had a big case to work on and I couldn’t get away.

Will you be back in the next book?
Dakota: Yes I will, along with the gang: Jackie, Wallie, Sven, and Brett. Patches and Mary will also be in the book.

I like it that some of the proceeds will go to the Pet Fund ... are you able to tell us a bit about it?
Dakota: I asked my good friend Opal Campbell to answer this question.
Opal: Basically what they do is take donations to help companion animals who are in need of veterinary care but their owners are having trouble paying for it.