Sandra Brown - Tomorrow's Promise

Publisher(s): Mira Books 1993, 2000, 2008; Harlequin 1983

ISBN of current print edition: 978-0778327202

My rating: 2/5

It happened the way attraction happens best: suddenly, passionately, uncontrollably and unforgettably.Thousands of feet above the ground on a crowded flight to Washington, D.C., radio personality Keely Williams felt the irresistible pull of handsome congressman Dax Devereaux. They were speaking at the same congressional hearing about Vietnam soldiers listed as MIA. Tragically, Keely’s husband was among the missing soldiers. He had been her childhood sweetheart, her future, her love—:and then the unanswered question Keely dedicated her life to solving.Until there was Dax. And the possibility of a new future. But could Keely allow herself to love again, and still honor the man of her past?   (

My thoughts
This story, if I may call it that, was just going on and on and on ... without anything really happening. And then something came up that made me check the blurb on the back cover and found out the book is almost thirty years old!

I've got to admit I didn't like the story. I think even placed into the "now" time, it'd be boring and at places close to unbelievable with so many coincidences.

Keely's soldier-husband has been missing in action for twelve years. She doesn't know whether he's dead or alive. On her way to Washington she meets Dex and falls in love with him, but her conscious doesn't allow for her to "live" her feelings - and he's such a wonderful hero! And she isn't. I just couldn't warm up to Keely, to the point when Dex and Nicole (her best friend) in a moment of rage told her what they thought of her, I went like "yeah!".

Glad I finally finished it, it was a real struggle!


  1. I write romance,but didn't start until 2004. I did not read romance--my choices were Science Fiction and plain old Westerns--but I found Sandra Brown's western romances, as well as Janet Dailey's and a few others. They were old when I read all of them. I like Sandra Brown, as long as she was writing western romance, but her contemporary romances really were lacking. Then she move into romantic suspense--and that's when I stopped. However, I did try them---nope--I just don't like romantic suspense. Except for one:The Crush. Now, it was good.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Celia! This was my second book by Sandra Brown, the first one was set in the snow and a bit of a mystery, but from what I remember, not my kinda book either. I dont read Westerns, so I'd probably never touch any of those romances. Thanks for the heads up on "The Crush", will keep check it out .... as well as your books. :-)