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Tribute to the Greatest Generation
By Jeff Salter

Delighted to visit with Iris today.  Iris is not only my good buddy and author colleague at Astraea Press, but she’s the Monday Fox at the group blog, “Four Foxes One Hound” where I’m the resident Hound (Thursdays).  And she always has something interesting to say!
            What wrangled today’s particular invitation was the release, some six weeks ago, of my novel, Called To Arms Again — my tribute to the greatest generation.

(IB - Jeff, it's always a pleasure to have you here !!!!)

Important and timely

            Have you ever read a novel which seemed so important and timely that you could hardly contain your enthusiasm about it?  Have you ever WRITTEN such a story?

            Well I have.  At least it seems that important and timely to me.  No, not FOR me — because this novel is my tribute to the Greatest Generation … and those still living are leaving us all too quickly.  I’m a “baby boomer” — my parents, aunts / uncles, teachers / clergy, (and practically every adult I knew) were among that generation which struggled through the Great Depression and sacrificed during World War II.


About the story

            Called to Arms Again was released on May 30 from Astraea Press.  Of the seven novels I’ve completed so far, this was my third written and my third fiction book published.

            It’s the story of a young newspaper reporter looking for a new angle for her Veterans Day special section.  Who better to give her a fresh perspective than a bunch of old war dogs who’d been there and back.  Not only does Kelly Randall learn what the Greatest Generation was made of, but she soon discovers a great deal about her own mettle.

            My story has action, comedy, romance, plenty of the American spirit, and an unashamedly healthy dose of patriotism.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cheer.


I need your help

I haven’t gone ‘all-out’ with promotion of my first two novels – romantic suspense and romantic comedy – because they’re mostly enjoyed by readers of those genres.  But the sky’s the limit on promoting C2AA — this story appeals to readers of both genders … from ages 19 to 90!

If you were born before about 1929, you ARE part of the Greatest Generation and you’ll find yourself (and your siblings and friends) in my story!

If you’re a Boomer (born after WW2) — your parents, aunts, uncles, and teachers were members of the greatest generation.  Buy this book and read it, because you’ll recognize these characters.  And if you have living parents or other relatives, tell them about my story.  Please remember, the WW2 generation – both those who served in the military and those who sacrificed on the homefront – are dying at a rate of about 1000 per day … so there is an urgency to let them know about this story which honors them!

If you’re the child of a Boomer Generation parent, you need to read this so you’ll understand what your grand-parents (and their siblings) went through and how they prevailed.

            Read it!  Pass the word!  Get this story into the hands of everyone who loves America!

Don’t you agree that artist Elaina Lee did an outstanding job on my cover for Called to Arms Again?



Called to Arms Again

By J. L. Salter


Hook & Blurb:


            Grit doesn’t fade away ... it just becomes crusty.  With harrowing elements right out of today’s headlines, this story reaches back into the sturdy heartbeat of people raised during the Depression and tested during World War II.  Though the old uniforms haven’t fit in many decades, their resilient spirits still have that same intensity which helped save democracy.


            Needing only a fresh angle to write her Veteran’s Day special, Kelly discovers first-hand that the Greatest Generation still has enough grit to fight back.  While all the authorities are occupied during a massive Homeland Security drill, an urban gang of thieves targets an isolated retirement subdivision ... figuring the crippled geriatrics would offer no resistance.

            Though Kelly’s widowed boyfriend came along only for a post-funeral luncheon, Mitch soon finds himself leading a mis-matched flanking team. Kelly’s good friend Wade has his own assignment, with a home-made mortar and lots of illegal gunpowder.

            Maybe it’s difficult to remember everyday things like taking pills, but these octogenarians have never forgotten it was up to them to defend family, home, community, and country.  The outcome of their courageous stand depends on the resolve and resourcefulness of an unlikely ensemble of eccentric elderly neighbors, several American Legion members, and others spanning four generations.


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  1. Delighted to be here, Iris. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet some of your loyal blog followers ... and I hope they come out in droves.

    1. Great to have you here, Jeff. I hope as well, that there will be a few saying hello.

  2. Love these trees on the left and top border of your site, Iris.
    Are they from your area of Australia? Or just stock photo?

    1. Thanks Jeff .... I'm afraid, "just" a template from blogger. I'd love to add one of the US photos on there, but as computer savvy as I am, I can't figure out how to do that! :-(

  3. Since I'm a woman of a certain age Called to Arms Again sounds like an amazing read. Love the title and the cover. Thanks for writing this book, Jeff.

    1. Thanks, Duffy.
      And, shucks ... you could be my younger sister!

  4. Jeff! The cover for C2AA is AWESOME! It evokes such strong feelings of patriotism and wonder and emotion. C2AA sounds like a MUST READ for all Americans! Congratulations on your conception and penning of this novel!


    1. Thank you, Janette.
      I referred to a widely published figure of 1000 WW2 veterans dying each day. But there were a lot more hard-working and sacrificial folks in the Greatest Generation than those who served in uniform. When you figure those on the homefront and those in civilian industry for the war effort, I'd imagine the death rate currently is perhaps as high as 2500 per day. Those are the ones I want to reach with my story ... to let them know how much I value their grit and sacrifice. Before they're all gone.

  5. Sounds great. Best wishes on your release.

    1. Thank you, Jillian. I hope my book reaches everyone of that generation who can still read.
      And then, the rest of the people of my generation, many of whom are not fully aware of how much they owe to their predecessors.

  6. Since my brother was blocked from entering his comment, I'll add it here:
    "I agree, Janette! This is a must read for all Americans. It makes you wonder what you would do if everything and everyone you care about came under sudden assault. It places you right in the thick of the action...standing behind the impromptu barricade with the grizzled old veterans as bullets fly by and homemade bombs explode, as an entire neighborhood stands up to a bunch of criminal punks bent on stealing everything they possess. You will laugh and cheer and cry--sometimes all at once!"

    1. My sincere apologies that your brother wasn't able to comment here. It's a real shame .... not sure why, I haven't heard of problems before.