Review: Rachel Gibson - It must be Love

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN: 9780380807154

My rating: 3/5

It Must Be Love

Undercover cop Joe Shanahan's bad luck hit bottom the morning he stared up into the face of sexy suspect Gabrielle Breedlove. She'd blown his cover---brought him down with a can of hairspray---and now his new assignment was to pose as her boyfriend. But spending as much time as possible with the utterly irresistible New Age beauty caused unexpected complications. To make matters worse, his matchmaking sisters are picking out china patterns.
Joe's brooding good looks and T-shirt-straining muscles might be easy on the eyes, but how could Gabrielle be attracted to a straight-laced detective who's determined to find evidence to arrest her? Still, he invades her dreams and when they share a transcendent lovemaking experience, Gabrielle knows it must be love.

My thoughts

This was an okay read by Rachel Gibson, a nice "time filler".

Joe Shanahan is an undercover cop, trying to find out who has stolen Mr Hillard's Monet. Suspect is Kevin Carter, Joe's reluctant informer is Gabrielle Breedlove, Kevin's business partner.

The background story was actually quite interesting, but slowed by the constant "inner thoughts" by both main characters, Joe and Gabrielle, as well as their romance. Fair enough, it's a romance novel, but it's still a shame, it could've been much better.

As usual with RG, there's lots of "in detail" sex scenes.

Bottom line, as said before, a nice time filler.


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