I've received the Inspiring Blogger Award!

Inspiring Blogger Award

 I have the honour of accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Heather Gray 
I have been instructed to post seven random things about myself and then pass the award on to two other people who I find inspiring.  So here I go!
Random facts about me, although I think there aren't that many about me anymore. Apologies if you already know :-)
1. Although I write romance, when it comes to movies I like a good action flick. Along the line James Bond and Die Hard.
2. English is NOT my native tongue and I sucked at it at school.
3. I do a German Radio Program every Wednesday and loving it.
4. I love working with numbers!
5. My favourite dinner would be Fajitas or Spaghettis. But I have to admit, I miss my mum's German cooking :-)
6. I'm terribly afraid of heights. 
7. Oregon is the place to visit AGAIN!
I am now passing this award on to two bloggers who inspire me. Just click on their names to see their blogs. (They may not have their inspired posts up yet, but their blogs are still worth checking out.) They are Kristen Vayden and Lisa Orchard.

Have a fantastic day! Be ... Inspiring!

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