Review: Kathy Reichs "Grave Secrets" (Brennan #5)

Publisher: Scribner Book Company

ISBN: 9780684859736

My rating: 3/5

A harrowing excavation unearths a chilling tragedy never laid to rest.
They are “the disappeared,” twenty-three massacre victims buried in a well in the Guatemalan village of Chupan Ya two decades ago. Leading a team of experts on a meticulous, heartbreaking dig, Tempe Brennan pieces together the violence of the past. But a fresh wave of terror begins when the horrific sounds of a fatal attack on two colleagues come in on a blood-chilling satellite call. Teaming up with Special Crimes Investigator Bartolom√© Galiano and Montreal detective Andrew Ryan, Tempe quickly becomes enmeshed in the cases of four privileged young women who have vanished from Guatemala City — and finds herself caught in deadly territory where power, money, greed, and science converge. (

My thoughts

I'm still not quite warming to Kathy Reichs' writing style, but I have to admit I'm getting more and more interested in her stories.

Now this one was confusing, I have to say, but the bits I was able to follow were good. Tempe Brennan is in Guatemala to uncover details from the country's violent past. But when SCI Galiano asks her for help in a local investigation she hesitantly agrees.

So far so good. With my list of names, I make it through the story and it's good enough to keep me interested. Disappearances of young girls and the attempted murder of one of Tempe's friends.
And then she lost me during the last third of the book. I couldn't follow and things didn't make sense.

A trademark of Kathy Reich is to explain science into the smallest details. Her fans love it ... for me it's sometime to much, but I loved how she made fun of it herself occasionally.

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