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Oliver is a Baseball player in Melbourne, Tyra is from Perth and has just moved to the Victorian Capital. Their first meeting wasn't as pleasant as Oliver has been used to with females.

Remember - it's a WIP, ie not edited. Please excuse any errors you'll find.

So this week's Tuesday Tales prompt is DIRTY.
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A few days later Oliver stood next to his coach in the gym, about to start with the weights.

“What’s with your niece, coach?”

He noticed Erik’s stare on him. “None of your business.” Short, and straight to the point.

Oliver chuckled.

“It’s really not that funny,” Erik said.

The smile disappeared on Oliver's face. “I have noticed. That’s why I asked.”

With one eyebrow raised, his coach warned him. “She’s off limits. I told you before.”

Oliver nodded. “I know. So she told me.”

That got him another icy glare.

“Look coach. I ran into her the other day. Twice. Both times she was tense and jumpy. I’m not a dirty player, you know that. I won’t go near her, just give me an idea what's wrong with her.”

Erik blew out a long breath. “Nothing’s wrong with her. She’s moved to Melbourne to move on. She lost her husband a year ago during a robbery gone wrong. It’s been a rough road for her since then. I don’t need you to play with her emotions by taking her to bed and drop her when you’ll have had enough of her. Understood?”

That took Oliver by surprise. Over the previous few days he had imagined a few things about Tyra. All sorts of reasons had come to mind for her attitude. Heck, he’d even had a brief conversation with Tyson’s girl, Katie, who said, she might just be one of the few women who was able to resist his charm. He laughed at that impossible idea, but had actually considered it.

But losing her husband?

Tyra was a widow?

Why had that not come to mind? And why was it that she pushed him away. He was a player, but he didn’t have one nasty streak in him.


The coach’s question hauled him back from his thoughts. He nodded.

“How about a little dinner?”

“Out of the question.”

Oliver raked a hand through his hair. “She might enjoy a little company. It’ll do her good to settle here in Melbourne. I’m sure Katie and Tyson would love to come along.”

Erik stepped closer. “She can make her own decisions,” he said through a clenched jaw. “But if you only hurt Tyra one tiny little bit, you’re off the team. Am I making myself clear? One.Little.Bit!”

“Crystal clear!”

She was off limits all right.



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  1. Aha. Now I see why she`d been so distant. Poor woman.

  2. Now we know why she's acting the way she is. Hope he'll be able to help her heal, if she lets him.

    1. Thanks Lindsay. If she lets him, I suppose is the big issue ;-)

  3. Great scene. You sllid that prompt in there effortlessly. Nice!
    Trisha Faye

    1. Thanks Trisha! Much appreciated.

  4. sad to learn she's a widow but it explains a lot. He better not hurt her!

    1. Let's see and wait. Thanks for stopping by Jillian :-)

  5. So few words full of impact '. a robbery that went wrong' I wonder how he's going to get round that one, and how long it will take him to realise 'playing around' is no longer his goal.

  6. Poor Tyra! It seems she needs someone to lean on after that. I hope she lets Oliver in.