New Beginnings has made it into the local Newspaper "The Courier"

 By Iris Blobel
Publisher: Astrea Press
R.R.P.: Not available
Review: Frank Nolan
          How would you feel if you were advised quite unexpectedly that you had inherited a
house at 46 Chestnut Avenue, Battery Point, Tasmania? Then, to add to your surprise, you
learn that your generous benefactor is some one you have never heard of. In her fourth
romantic novel, Ballarat writer Iris Blobel places her heroine Sophie and her young sister Mia
in this puzzling but very pleasant situation. The mysterious benefactors are eventually
revealed but not before Sophie and Mia face some trials and tribulations in settling in to their
“new beginnings” in beautiful Tasmania. 
             New Beginnings is the first of a proposed trilogy featuring the attractive and
determined Sophie and her charming little sister. It is currently available on Amazon and a
print version will be released soon.        

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