Review: Jill Shalvis "Out of this World"

Publisher: Kensington-Brava

ISBN: 9780758214447

My rating: 3.5/5

Three weeks ago Rachel Bond inherited a bed-and-breakfast. Too bad that it's in a remote part of Alaska, staffed by a house chef who can't cook and a guide who can't read a map. There's something distinctly strange going on...and that's not counting the fact that Rachel just got hit by lightning, and her good friend Kellan is suddenly possessed with animalistic sexiness she's never seen before. Turns out, Rachel's inheritance is not your regular bed-and-breakfast - it's the portal to an alternative universe where the people possess unique powers that they can transfer to humans. And things are only starting to get weird...

My thoughts

Trust Jill Shalvis to make me read a paranormal story. LOL.

AND enjoy it!

Okay, in all fairness, it's not much of a story. Rachel, a muralist (I had to google that one!) in LA, inherits a B & B in the wilderness of Alaska. Kellan, her friend's brother who is also secretly in love with her, accompanies her. Two beautiful characters, it was fun to follow their story.

Then it gets all weird and I found myself reading, not understanding the plot at all, but laughing at the jokes, dialogues and just the weirdness of it all. It honestly cracked me up. I have no idea how Shalvis came up with that one.
There's romance, some pages steamier than others, and then there are also Marilee and Axel ... the staff in the B & B.

Did I mention it was plain weird ?


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