May I introduce: Suzi Love "Embracing Scandal"

Embracing Scandal
by Suzi Love

I've got Suzi Love with me today, talking about her book "Embracing Scandal". Please make her very welcome.

Embracing Scandal

Embracing Scandal is an historical romance and the first in my scandal series with heroines whose scientific knowledge and intellect are an affront to increasingly prudish early Victorian society.

Five siblings battle against the strictures of British society to succeed in their chosen scientific fields. This story is about Lady Rebecca Jamison, Becca, the oldest in the family and how she and Cayle, the Duke of Sherwyn, embrace scandal as they battle to defeat an unscrupulous investment consortium.  

In this book, Lady Rebecca Jamison saves her family from financial ruin by secretly investing in England's railway boom. But when a greedy investment syndicate discovers they are being outwitted by a woman, they threaten Becca and her family. Desperate to stop her peers before they rob more innocent investors of their life savings, Becca has no choice but to visit Cayle and ask for his help. He was her best friend but is now newly returned to London to take up the title of the Duke of Sherwyn after his father's death.

But Cayle worries that once the syndicate is defeated, he won't have an excuse for being in such close contact with Becca and that her independent nature may make her refuse to continue their relationship and refuse to become his duchess.


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Author Bio

I’m Suzi Love, an Australian author of historical romances from the late Regency to early Victorian years, with a little bit of the Australian outback thrown in. I’ve had a lifetime fascination with all things old, weird, and exotic.

I love to travel, visit historic places, and talk to crazy characters. I also adore history, especially the grittier and seamier side, so I write about heroes and heroines who challenge traditional manners, morals, and occupations, either through necessity or desire. 


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  1. I love an independent-minded, intelligent heroine, especially when she has to battle social strictures too. Sounds like a perfect holiday read! Looking forward to it, Suzi. Hi, Iris!

  2. Embracing Scandal is a fun read and I love the new cover art too.

  3. I love books about intelligent women. Men foolishly thought women weren't that smart. It allowed many women to be wonderful spies. Great job, Suzi Love.

  4. Thanks for having me here, Iris,and thanks to everyone for visiting me here.
    I love intelligent and independent heroines. Let's face it. That's all of us. Living life and doing what we love.
    I hope you get a chance to read this new version of Embracing Scandal as it has a new cover and an extra round of edits.

  5. Thank you all for stopping by, and thanks Suzi for being my guest today :-)