May I introduce: Amy Mullen "Redefining Rayne"

Redefining Rayne
Amy Mullen
I've got Amy Mullen with me this week not only talking about her new book, but also about her passion to take photos of her family.

1 – Tell us how you came up with the idea for Redefining Rayne.

I've suffered from depression on and off throughout my life. At times, when a person is depressed, they feel like giving up. I think the focus of this book (other than the romance) was the heroine's journey past immense loses. Rayne lost more than most of us ever will and yet she still found a way to wake up in the morning. There cannot always be happy endings in life, but I hope Rayne can be a reminder to never give up no matter how drab and dreadful life seems to be. There is always hope and there will always be someone out there who will care. While Rayne's story is exceptional, she found hope in the end. When things looked the worst, her life changed. I guess the idea was to never give up because you never really know what will happen next. I wanted to find a way to tell that story and this book was the result.

2 – The name Rayne has a special meaning to you. Please tell us why.

My little girl, Rayna, has met some challenges in her life that no one should face so young - or ever for that matter. She's as tough as nails and while this can lead to some battles-of-will in our home, this trait will suit her well later in life. When I thought of my heroine, I thought of my Rayna. While her struggles are nothing like the heroine's in the book, and the character is not based on my little girl otherwise, I felt the underlying spirit of the heroine was the same. Redefining Rayne is a medieval romance. I could not name the character "Rayna" because the name was not in use back then. However, I found the name Rayne with a slightly different spelling (Reine) that was used during this particular time period. I tweaked the spelling of the name in honor of my little girl. 
(Happy Birthday Rayna !!!! - IB)
3 – One of your past times is “to snap pictures”. What do you like to photograph the most and why?

Most of the pictures I take are of my children, my husband, and our extended families. I like to find unique shots that show off their personalities. I do some nature shots, but most of mine are of the people that mean the most to me. I have thousands of shots of my kids tucked away on CDs. My son was a preemie, born three months early. It was touch and go for a while. I think this was a huge reminder to me of how precious every single breath we take is and how we should never take anyone for granted. I took pictures every single day while he was in the hospital. Pictures freeze moments in time, moments that will never happen again. This is why I take far too many pictures.  I lost my grandmother a few years ago. She meant everything to me. I have a picture of her sitting where I can see it from where I sit and write each day. When I look at it, I can feel her arms around me again. I can't think of anything more wonderful than that.

Tag Line:

Will her most painful secret be the key to her greatest joy?

Rayne de Latham, cousin to King William Rufus, should be enjoying a life of privilege. Instead, she has only known misery. Her disastrous first marriage yielded nothing but pain, suffering, and three stillborn children. She believes she is cursed and is certain another pregnancy will end in another tragedy. When the king seeks to get rid of her by sending her to marry one of his knights, she will do just about anything to get out of her betrothal.
Widower Andre de Grelle is father to two small boys who came to him by marriage. When his first wife jumps off the castle walls in a fit of madness, he keeps the boys he has grown to love as his own. When king sends him a new bride, the lovely but troubled Rayne, he vows to have more patience with her than he had with his first wife.
Once Rayne arrives at Cuxton Castle, Andre realizes there is much more to her than meets the eye. She does everything she can to force him to send her away, but nothing works. Frustration grows as Andre discovers his betrothed is hiding something from him about her past, something so devastating she cannot speak the words out loud.
In the midst of a siege on nearby Pevensey Castle, a truth comes to light that changes everything. As the real story of Rayne’s past emerges, lives change forever. Will love be enough, or will it be easier to walk away?



Author Bio and Links:
Amy Mullen is a freelance writer and romance author living in Corning, NY, with her husband, Patrick, her two children, and an orange cat named Steve. She has written two medieval romances called A Stormy Knight and Redefining Rayne.
Amy has been writing about love both lost and regained since she was old enough to have her first broken heart. Her love of history and her intermittent jaunts into amateur genealogy led her to a love affair with writing historical fiction. When not writing, she snaps pictures, gets nutty over football, enjoys the company of her family, and when time allows, loves to bury her nose in a good book.


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Andre moved closer to her. His body was mere inches from hers as he lifted his other hand and slowly tilted her face toward his. Cupping her cheek, he wiped away a tear with his thumb. "You have no idea how fascinating you are," he whispered.
Involuntarily, her eyes closed and she tilted her chin up. She felt his soft lips brush hers and she started to tremble. The short, light touch of his mouth stirred something in her. A young maiden's dream of love, of being loved and cherished, welled up from a place where she had hidden her hopes a long time ago. She returned his kiss, but just for a moment.
Her eyes flew open, and she pulled her head back. This was all wrong. This was not how this was supposed to happen. In a rush to break the spell, she stammered out the first thing she thought of, "Someone will see us! Odo may come."
An expression of disbelief washed across his features and was replaced by irritation. "Odo? What has he to do with this? He is my guest but hardly has a say in what I do with you."
"You…" she stumbled over her words, "you… he is your…"
Andre stood and stepped away from her. He stared down at her, but she could no longer read his face. "Do your affections lie with Odo, Lady Rayne?"

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