Review: Susan Mallery "Irresistible" (Buchanans #2)

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 9780373771172
My Rating: 3.5/5

It wasn't just her homemade brownies that made Walker find Elissa irresistible . . .
When ex-marine Walker Buchanan stops to help Elissa Towers change a tire, he tells himself it's just the neighborly thing to do. And when Elissa finds herself baking him a thank-you pie, she's just returning the favor . . . right?
Both of them have sworn off dating -- Elissa's determined to protect her little girl, and that means ditching her taste for dangerous men . . . especially former marines with dark secrets. Walker knows that he's not cut out for hearth and home . . . his own crazy family made sure of that. But the sparks won't stop flying between them.
Now the two are struggling to keep their relationship "just friends," but with every kiss, their rules fly out the window . . .


My thoughts:
In all fairness, the book wasn't quite as good as the first book in the series, Delicious, but these words say it all:

"You didn't have to come to the hospital."
"Sure we did. You're Walker's girl."

Elissa struggles through daily life, but the love for her daughter keeps her going. One day when she needs to change tyres, she meets her neighbour Walker Buchanan.

I really liked Elissa - I liked her strength, her love for her daughter, her fault to act first and then think and I really liked when she talked non-stop when she was nervous, unfortunately, Susan Mallery didn't follow this trait throughout the book.

As for Walker - don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a "Walker" in my life, but for the story I thought he was a bit boring and flat. The flaws he had didn't fit with his otherwise calm character I thought.

It nice follow up read in the Buchanan Series, but not the standard #1 was.

Now I wonder what Reid is up to :-)

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