May I introduce: Elizabeth Ellen Carter "Moonstone Obsession"

Moonstone Obsession
Elizabeth Ellen Carter

I've got another wonderful Australian Author as a guest today here on my blog. Elizabeth Ellen Carter's release is Moonstone Obsession, which was shortlisted for the 2013 Romance Writers Of Australia’s Emerald Awards for unpublished manuscripts.

Today, she's giving us insight into the genre "Regency".

For many people who think of the Regency period, the images that come to mind is those of Pride and Prejudice and the Industrial Revolution.

For me the interest in the Regency period goes back 100 years earlier.

The Enlightenment movement is a socio-political philosophy born at the beginning the 1700s with scientists such as Isaac Newton and social philosophers such as Kant, Rousseau and Voltaire.

Discussions in the halls of academia and fashionable salons focused on the nature of man and his relationship with the state. From there the notion of full enfranchisement for all and the beginnings of discussion of feminine equality was born - Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft were highly influential.

By the end of the 18th century the theories left the realm of the hypothetical and had the opportunity to be put into practice in the formation of two new nation-states – the United States of America and la Republique de France.

The influence of both nations in culture, art, science and politics has been so profound that it is difficult to imagine today's world without them.

However, as with all high-minded socio-political movements, the theory works better than practice – mostly owing the fundamental misunderstanding of human nature.

And no more apparent was this dichotomy then in the treatises written by Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine – both were supporters of the American Revolution but they fell out over support for the French Revolution.

History and the bloody aftermath of the French Revolution's Reign of Terror would prove Burke right.

So for a writer with an interest in religion, history and politics, the Regency period is like nectar to a bee! Moonstone Obsession takes a look at the type of discussions they might have had during that time and foreshadows what happened next in European history.

Certain thinkers of the Enlightenment school were also adept at myth-making with respect to medieval history, doing much to promote it as the 'dark ages' from which people require deliverance by way of 'science and reason'. Serious scholars today have long agreed that rather than being an intellectual waste ground, the medieval period was rich in the development of science, art and philosophy.

One of the most pervasive myths of that time - so much so that many people believe it today – is that medieval people thought (and that the church taught) that the world was flat.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

And that led me on to my WIP which I'm editing at the moment - Warrior's Surrender which is set the end of the 11th century in the north English region of Northumbria in the years following the Norman Conquest.

I hope with both Moonstone Obsession and with Warrior's Surrender that readers will not only love the romance but also fall in love with the history as well.


Selina Rosewall had given up on love, but while helping her brother further his merchant fleet business, she meets Sir James Mitchell, Lord of Penventen. Their attraction is mutual, but what James wants from the relationship goes further—much further—than Selina could have expected. And she learns that in the world of the Ton, scandal and deceit are commonplace.
For Sir James Mitchell, Lord of Penventen, it’s hard to say which is more dangerous: being a spy or being considered husband material by the Ladies of the Ton. With political machinations threatening to draw England into the violent wake of the French Revolution, the last thing James expected was to fall in love with Selina Rosewall, daughter of an untitled seafaring family. But when James’ investigation stirs up a hornet’s nest, can he protect Selena from danger that threatens her very life?

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  1. Loved the blending of historical figures and events within your story. It evoked the period so well and had strong messages at its core. Congratulations, Elizabeth! And hello, Iris!

    1. Hello Susanne :-) Thanks for stopping by !

  2. Thank you very much for having me at your place, Iris. And thank you for your very kind words, Susanne!

    1. It's an absolute pleasure having you here :-)

  3. Gosh. I feel like I just learned something here Iris & Elizabeth Ellen! Thank you very much for 'enlightening' me. (Oh, that was truly dreadful wasn't it!)
    Lily M

    1. Hi Lily !! May I give all credit to Elizabeth .... but I agree, as soon as I found the post in my email I went like ... "Wow"

    2. LOL Lily, I'm very fortunate that Iris let me get all deep and meaningful on her blog.

  4. Such interesting historical prelude to the Regency and puts it all in perspective. Thanks so much Elizabeth! Don't give me a quiz on it though :-)

    1. Thank you Joanna for stopping by! :-)

    2. Thank you Joanna, the fun thing about historical romance to me is the history. :-)

  5. So much interesting history, Elizabeth. Thanks. The books sounds great and I can't wait to read it.

    1. Hi Suzi - thanks for coming over :-) Thought you'd enjoy the post!