Review: Susan Mallery "Delicious" (Buchanans, #1)

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 978-0373775200
My Rating: 4/5

Cal Buchanan needs a top-flight chef to take over his failing Seattle restaurant, The Waterfront. He can afford to hire the best in town--the only problem is that the best happens to be his ex-wife, Penny Jackson.

Penny really needs this opportunity, but she doesn't need the distraction of working with her ex. She's sworn off romance--she's even having a baby on her own. But before she knows it, the heat is on...and the attraction between her and Cal moves from a low simmer to a full boil!

The rest should be easy as pie, but a secret from Dessert Cal's past could spoil everything. Maybe it's true that too many cooks spoil the broth--or maybe two is enough to make it irresistible.

My thoughts:
I'm a sucker when it comes to family ... and this one had a strong family bond and for that I loved it.
Cal Buchanan is supposed to get the family restaurant back into order. One of his first business deals is hiring his ex-wife Penny.  What she neglects to mention, though, is she's pregnant with an IVF baby. But he's supposed to be running "The Waterfront" for only four months anyway.
Over the course of the next few months we follow both their lives as the close working relationship turns in to a friendship and even more. Mallery puts both characters back into a relationship, but this time they seemed to have matured, learnt about trust and "relations". It's wonderful to read how their bond blossoms into more, despite their "secrets". Okay, I have to admit, some of Penny's "reactions" were annoying, but, hey, we're talking about a hormonal pregnant woman. Anything can happen.
We also get to know the rest of the Buchanan family; the sexy Reid, ex-army Walker and their little sister Dani. Despite having lost their parents and having to deal with about the worst grandmother ever, I felt a bit envious of their bond.
This is the first in the Buchanan series, and I've to say I look forward to reading about the rest family!

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