May I introduce: April Klasen "Blair: Salem's Daughter"


Blair: Salem's Daughter
by April Klasen

My guest this week is April Klasen .... Please make her welcome ! :-)
1 – Your book’s about vampyre and a shape-shifting cat. Tell us why you like this genre.
I love adventure and fantasy stories, anything could happen and anything could exist including a vampyre and a shape-shifting cat leading a teenage girl into a strange land on a suicide quest. Which might be why this story multiplied into a trilogy, the dragons are coming in the second book.
 2 – You started writing when you were seventeen. What was the ‘trigger’ to start putting stories onto paper? (or the screen)
My writing trigger was one of my friends. When we were fifteen sitting bored in class I started making up a silly story to tease her with (I think it was something about her boyfriend doing a strip tease and being caught by her mother, I think), once we’d finished giggling she told me “April, you should be a writer when we grow up.” Two years later I still had nothing on paper, which was frustrating especially when my friends were all working towards their futures. But then I heard about National Writing Month. I knew, no matter what I wrote (and it was horrible) that if I didn’t finish it I would never be a writer and have to think seriously about finding a serious job. Luckily I finished the story (and buried it deep under the bed).
3 – Tell us about your current project.
I’m trying not to procrastinate (ohh, shinny things) and start editing (sniffle). Or maybe I’ll just write another novella and add it to my unedited pile. Nope, I’m definitely editing my new-adult novella The Annual.
The annual hunt is very important to the fey, during the autumn equinox, generally a mortal but in the past it has been fey creatures, someone is selected to be hunted. For twenty-four hours the hunted must do all they can to survive, they are always selected for some sort of strength or ability, it makes for great sport. Grace Logan has to fight, even if she didn’t have a chance.
I’m hoping to independently publish the story by the end of the year



Blair Fitzpatrick is an ordinary fifteen year old who doesn’t chase a white rabbit in a waist coat down a hole. Instead she follows an old man, a vampyre and a shape-shifting cat through a gate and into a fantasy land.

Her mission is to reunite the hilt of the Nameless sword with its broken blade buried within a sleeping dragon, learn to control her dormant magic and not die in the process.

“Okay, now. No worries,” I whispered, even though I felt like I was going to be sick and just wanted to run away because something was wrong, something was going to be really wrong if I did this.

I slid the sword hilt into the crack.



April Klasen is twenty-two, single and living at home (what a catch?!) she wrote her first novel at seventeen and her brain hasn’t shut up since. 


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