May I introduce: J.J. Nite "Bruises of the Heart"

Bruises of the Heart

by J.J. Nite
Please help me welcome J.J. Nite as she tells us about her latest release Bruises of the Heart.
I love the title!

1 – I had to laugh at this description “She's also found that if she doesn't write something everyday, her mood is that of a bear waking from hibernation”. What triggered your love for writing or have you always been writing ?
According to my family, I've always been a storyteller. When I was little, my father would come home from work and ask what we did that day. I told these elaborate stories of the places we had been and the people we had seen. In reality we had never left the house. As for writing it all down, that came much later.
2 – Three kids, a dog, turtle, and 5 goldfish – what’s your secret when it comes to time management?

Coffee!! And an understanding family. I carry a notebook around with me and write things down whenever I get the chance. Then at night when the kids are in bed and the menagerie has settled in, I grab my laptop and work for a bit.
3 – Tell us how you came up with the story "Bruises of the Heart".
"Bruises of the Heart" was written several years ago. I had finished writing another book, but wasn't ready to let the characters go yet. Or rather they didn't want to let me go! Tori had a story to tell and I got very little sleep until I finally started to get it all down on paper. The subject of relationship abuse between teens hadn't been widely talked about, but I thought there was a story to tell and I've received a lot of positive feedback.
4 – Tell us about your current project.
I have a new release from Astraea Press coming out in August titled "Beginnings of the Heart". It is Tori's mothers story and also a Regency Christmas novella "His Christmas Bride" that will release in the fall from AP as well. There are a few other projects I'm working on and you may see a few familiar faces show up in those!
 When Victoria’s long-time boyfriend breaks up with her she’s convinced that she will never be happy again. But after meeting the new student, Will Prescott, things start to look up. Victoria is happy again and even when a little voice tries to tell her that something isn’t quite right with her new relationship, she holds on even tighter. Before long even Victoria can’t deny that she needs to end her new relationship, but can she get out before something happens to change her forever? Or will she be lost?

J. J. Nite lives in North Alabama with her husband, 3 kids, a dog, turtle, and 5 goldfish. She devours books like some people eat chocolate! She's also found that if she doesn't write something everyday, her mood is that of a bear waking from hibernation. Don't worry though, the children have learned to let Mommy write a little before approaching. 


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  1. Interesting that you wrote this before there was awareness of this issue. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda! Much aprpeciated.