May I introduce: Maggie Christensen "Band of Gold"

Band of Gold
by Maggie Christensen

Another Author, who calls Australia home. Very happy to welcome Maggie to my blog today!

1-  How did you come up with the idea for "Band of Gold"?
Several years ago I heard of a woman whose husband placed his wedding ring on the kitchen table on Christmas morning. It stuck in my mind and eventually became the basis for this novel.
The novel follows Anna through the months after her husband leaves her. It’s the story of a woman in her middle years, who is suddenly alone. It’s about how she copes with that, alongside her daughter’s joy in her first love and her parents’ failing health. When the opportunity for a second chance at love comes her way, she struggles to leave the past behind and create a new life for herself. Can she trust again? Does she dare?

2 - Tell us a bit about your current project.
I’m currently working on a book called The Dreamcatcher .It’s part of my Oregon Coast series, the first of which, The Sand Dollar, will be released later this year. The Dreamcatcher is Ellen’s story. Ellen is a minor character in The Sand Dollar, a Native American who owns a bookshop in Florence, Oregon.
Ellen has the gift of being able to foretell the future, but is at a loss to explain her nightmares and the uncanny premonition she experiences one morning when a dark cloud obscures the sun and she shivers with a sense of foreboding.
When her brother’s old army friend, Travis, insists she help him take her brother to hospital, she dismisses him as another of her brother’s no-hoper buddies, but can’t shake the idea there’s a connection between her nightmares and Travis’ sudden appearance in her life.

3 - From one immigrant to another ... any regrets?
Absolutely not! I came to Australia in my mid-twenties attracted by advertisements to ‘Come Teach in the Sun’ which depicted muscular young men wearing swimmers, gowns and mortar boards standing on beaches. Needless to say, the school I was sent to was nothing like the posters. I came for two years and stayed to build a career in education, teaching in schools and colleges. I met my wonderful husband here when we both teaching education at Wagga Wagga. I came to Australia to exchange the dark, dank winter (and often summer) days of Scotland with Australian sunshine. Beautiful though the land of my birth is, I really hated the weather and wanted the adventure of travel. Having grown up with romantic tales of a great aunt who married an Australian soldier during the First World War, Australia was my first choice. Now I live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in almost perpetual sunshine. Winter here is very like the summers I remember in Scotland. What is there to regret?


Band of Gold, deals with the tricky topic of new romance after a failed marriage.

Anna Hollis is a forty-seven year old schoolteacher living in Sydney. She juggles her busy life with a daughter in the throes of first love, and increasingly demanding aging parents.

Anna’s world collapses when her husband of twenty-five years leaves her on Christmas morning. She makes it through the family festivities, explaining his absence with a flimsy excuse, but later breaks down on a Sydney beach where a stranger comes to her aid.

Marcus King has returned to Australia from the USA, leaving behind a broken marriage and a young son; through their mutual hurt and loneliness, a fragile friendship is formed when he takes up the position of Headmaster at Anna’s school.

Written in first person, present tense the author slips the reader into Anna’s shoes as she struggles to leave the past behind and learns to trust again. Can Marcus be a part of her future?



Born and brought up in Scotland, and attracted by advertisements to ‘Come and Teach in the Sun’, Maggie Christensen emigrated to Australia in her twenties to teach in primary schools in Sydney. She now lives with her husband of almost thirty years near Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. She loves walking on the deserted beach in the early mornings and having coffee by the Noosa River on weekends. After spending many years in teaching, lecturing and education management, where she wrote course materials and reports, Maggie began writing the sort of books she enjoys reading, books about women in their prime, their issues and relationships. Now her days are spent surrounded by books, either reading or writing them – her idea of heaven! She continues her love of books as a volunteer with Friends of Noosaville Library where she helps organise author talks and selects and delivers books to the housebound. 







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 ‘I don’t want to be married anymore.’

The band of gold, symbol of our twenty-five years of marriage lies on the table between us. I am stupefied, unable to speak. Tears prick my eyes as my first coffee of the day grows cold beside me. The sun is shining brightly through the kitchen window. The turkey is sitting on the kitchen bench waiting to be cooked. My parents, daughter, brother and sister, along with her husband and children are due to arrive in five hours’ time. The house is redolent with the scent of pine needles and Christmas pudding. It’s Christmas morning and my world has collapsed.

‘What do you mean?’ I finally utter, thinking this must be Sean’s idea of a bad joke. My mouth goes dry. My head begins to spin. The bottom has dropped out of my world. I look over at the man I have loved for over twenty-five years, his bushy greying blonde hair, his ruddy cleanshaven cheeks. He looks no different from any other morning. He’s wearing the bright yellow tee shirt we bought on our holiday in Bali last year. His steely blue eyes meet mine. This isn’t happening.

‘I can’t do this anymore, Anna.’ His waving arms take in the kitchen including me, ‘All this; family, house, job. I need to get away.’ He pushes his chair back from the table and strides out of the kitchen. I sit there in a daze, my mind going round in circles. Is it too late to call off Christmas lunch? How can I even think of such a thing? Does Sean mean he’s going to leave right now? How will I explain his absence? God, this is really going to be the Christmas from Hell

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