Snippet Sunday: FRESH BEGINNINGS 14/06/2015 #travel #Route66

We continue with Fresh Beginnings, Jared's story as he travels through five states
 in the US in a Motorhome. I used our itinerary from our US travels two years ago
 and wrote a romance story around in.
Jared has just arrived in the US.

It took half an hour or more to finally get a taxi, and Jared was on his way.

Jared looked out the window towards the sky. But it wasn't the sky he knew from home. It looked a bit like Hobart's sky on a hot summer's day with a nasty front approaching. Like there had been a fire, and the smoke was still lingering.

He'd asked the taxi driver to get him to the motorhome company in Hawthorne. He shook his head at the idea of having flown over the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn twenty-four hours earlier, only to end up in a place called Hawthorne again. The drive was surprisingly short and pleasant. The traffic he had expected wasn't there, but nonetheless he stared in amazement at the amount of lanes on the freeway. There were four on each side. And they still had traffic jams! His tired eyes took in the surroundings, the suburbs, the houses, and the many things that were so similar to Australia… yet so different.


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  1. I love the two Hawthorn(e)s. (There's a Hawthorn near my hometown, too. Very small town, less than 500 people.)

    I also love the sense that things aren't all that different, even though they are.

  2. The name seems to be following him around. I wonder how different it will really be.

  3. I'll be things are just different enough to trip him up, poor guy. I like the different Hawthorn(e)s, too. :)

  4. Nice metaphor for the concept that you cannot leave your troubles behind.
    Nice 8!

  5. Hehehe I felt the same when I visited Australia in 2000. So many things similar and so many things different, like getting used to driving on the other side of the road. Great snippet, Iris. :)

  6. One of my favorite parts of traveling is finding the differences in the similarities (or the reverse). I like how you wrote him moving to a similar town, etc. to add to the sense of "not really leaving home".

  7. I like the way he's seeing all these new things and relating them to his home. Enjoyed the snippet, fun to see through his eyes!

  8. Love how you mentioned two Hawthorn(e)s. Gives it a neat twist. You describe the feeling of him being in a new place quite well also. Nice snippet.

  9. Thanks everyone. I appreciate you stopping by and all your comments !

  10. Nice way to tie the familiar to the unknown with the names of the two locales. Good stuff, Iris.